In this video you’ll learn How to Use the Tiles Addon (by Themify).

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Daniel M Viero

Cheers, Hogan.


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19 responses to “TILES ADDON TUTORIAL (by Themify)”

  1. uneekphlow Avatar


    I used your parallax tutorial, thanks. I bought the plugin bundle but was very disappointed to find that the modules don't work properly, feel like I have wasted my money.

    Image-Pro freezes when I select overlay colour options, the hover effects and title also don't work so the best it is doing right now is the exact same thing as the image module. The Typewriter also doesn't have the animation so it's just plain text.

    Can you help? I have contacted themify via email as well as on the forum but no response.

  2. Florence Cabrera Avatar

    can you please help me, I just have one little and very easy question.

    Is it possible with image pro from themify to create an image hover effect? (The hover effect is the same image but in colors)
    Thanks for you answer!

  3. matthias brendler Avatar

    Many thanks Hogan! Very helpful.
    And now to “up the ante”…

    Here's another question:

    What would be the best way to get a Fullwidth slides to play in a lightbox UPON clicking on action link in Themify tile?

    Thanks an advance, M

  4. jeffrey rosier Avatar

    Could you make a tutorial on how to use the conditional menu add on

  5. kevin quintero Avatar

    how did you get it to be proportional on your website?

  6. Alexandra Stratan Avatar

    hogan will you do the grid tutorial any time soon? let me know please
    really appreciate it

  7. Claire Turner Avatar

    Great tutorial as usual, Hogan. Wish I'd found it yesterday before I spent the afternoon trying to create the same thing using the Image Pro on:) Do-able but takes way longer and not as many options… live and learn!

  8. Slaskarna Slask Avatar

    Hello! Can you please make a tutorial of gopro:s website. Or something similar.

  9. David Stolt Avatar

    Hi Hogan! I loved your main wordpress tutorial!
    Can you please also make a more advanced woocommerce/webshop tutorial without buying the themify plugin but still using the ultra theme. THANKS! 🙂

  10. Jure Frančeškin Avatar

    Hi +Hogan Chua
    I've bought and installed Tiles plugin and followed the instructions in this video on how to install and add on page, but the plugin is installed, activated but Themify Builder doesn't show. Is it because I have to buy the Ultra theme too? (I'm using the one you gave for free here below another one of your youtube videos)

  11. Aaron Hall Avatar

    this was my front page but as soon as i seen that tiles video i made a new front page and now i have this page that i don't know what to do with http://mindyourwebdesign.com/what-we-do/

  12. Aaron Hall Avatar

    here is my website http://mindyourwebdesign.com it's not quite done yet I am going to tone it down a bit and I need to add a page that has all my blog postings

  13. Amazon Steve Avatar

    and also there is no "Alt Text" fields for the tiles. So anything in a tile won't be seen by search bots and google

  14. Amazon Steve Avatar

    Hi Hogan. After watching your vid on tiles I bought the addon. But slightly disappointed as the module isn't as professionally finished and through as other modules in the Themify range and is limited.1) All of the tiles align to the left. If using them on a busy page it's not possible to get a symmetrical layout with other elements2) Unlike other modules, there is no "margin" function to allow the tile to be positioned more accurately3) you can't get any more than 4 small tiles in a row. Any more than this and they wrap underneath.4) you can't size the tiles to what you want. You can only use the fixed sizes and standard options5) if you position some other modules (e.g slider)  in the same row, the "mobile friendly" version doesn't work and the tiles are enormous6) you can't embed a video in them. e.g. message on tile front and flip to watch an associated video clipThey do work, but in a limited way & don't have the flexibility that I'd hoped and expected from Themify

  15. Sachin Kumar Avatar

    Nice Video Tutorial, Thanks so much

  16. Aaron Hall Avatar

    i made this practice site using the tiles plugin and the split theme http://roofingcontractor.cloudaccess.host

  17. Aaron Hall Avatar

    when I seen this video I immediately thought about an awesome website I had seen https://www.adido-digital.co.uk/
    I was wondering if you could make something similar to this with the themify splitscreen theme and with that tiles plugin

  18. Benjamin Wong Yiaw Mun Avatar

    Hi Hogan, your tutorials are awesome. My team and I would like to know, how do we set thumbnails and description text for our website when sharing on a platform like Facebook? Kindly help.. 😀

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