Top 10 Best Divi Child Themes 2018

Today, Ill be showing you some of the best divi child themes that i have come across with wordpress. Divi child themes are becoming more popular because of all the added features you get with the divi theme.

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Here is a list of the divi child themes!

10. Ally –
9. Josefin – (coupon darrel10)
8. Lionzy – (coupon darrel10)
7. Divi Agency – (coupon darrel10)
6. Mermaid Bundle –
5. Agency Bundle –
4. Divi Hotel –
3. Divi eCommerce –
2. Pegasus Bundle –
1. Free Layouts For You ( Use PassWord patty ) (its a divi layout, so not a child theme

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5 responses to “Top 10 Best Divi Child Themes 2018”

  1. pluscotube Avatar

    Great review. I watched both your recent theme reviews for Elementor and Divi. I want to create an IT Services website for my startup; which would you recommend – Elementor, Divi or other; and which themes should be on my short list? Thx and keep the reviews coming. I already purchased Flatsome and created a demo site along with your Flatsome tutorial. Your tutorials are fantastic; looking forward to the next one. Thx.

  2. Ehsan Azam Avatar

    Nice video Darrel for the great suggestion on divi, really love on how u explain things, can u make a video about what usually need to do first after done designing a website, i mean like a marketing aspect of the website, what are the great marketing tools or plugin need to have for an e-commerce website

  3. Michael Sutton Avatar

    I upgraded my WordPress them to Divi, (upgraded?) I have hundreds of daily blog posts and nothing that I have created can be upgraded/converted, so saying that you don't have to stick with your existing theme is not really correct, if anyone know a way I​ can convert my Avada pages and posts without losing all my text and photos id be forever grateful.

  4. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any divi child themes you like!

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