Top 5 Most Common Logo Design Mistakes!

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We all make mistakes! No matter who we are or how “qualified” we are we all make mistakes! I’ve made a lot of mistakes, not only in my own personal life but in my career as well. This post is all about common logo design mistakes, prepare to be nodding your head in agreement and shrieking in embarrassment. Here are five of the most common logo design mistakes!






42 responses to “Top 5 Most Common Logo Design Mistakes!”

  1. Jess Thompson Avatar

    I used to work for a guy who tried to get out of licensing the font used in his logotype by "making his own font." By which he meant: distorting the font horizontally and tracing over it.

  2. SmarTech Zagazig Avatar

    Hello there,
    the blog post link is not working, with some few search, here is the right one:

  3. WeatherOfficial Avatar

    Hey man. Me and my friend are starting a clothing company. Would be awesome if you could review our logo!!

  4. Alexander Avatar

    Will, 100% agree with you, thanks for the tips.

  5. spaceboy72 Avatar

    It would be great to highlight the difference between a font and a typeface.

  6. MrKite94 Avatar

    Oh man, I can't imagine hand-writing my own fonts, my handwriting is so messy :/ have any suggestions on how I can start getting better at that? I'm not sure what to even search for tutorials on that.

  7. Grimdoesgaming Grimulkin Avatar

    logo design has always something I've been interested in, and now I've left school I aim to pursue it further. This video was really interesting and useful and you sir have gained a new subscriber. 🙂

  8. Suku c r Avatar

    pls malayalam founts should be add

  9. Isaac Hsu Avatar

    Why is there a random sign saying bar pointing to a wall? Was the person who put it up drunk?

  10. Azruulei Avatar

    Comment on logos being busy: The same thing happens within my early music, made with mixcraft loops. I get too focused on trying to entertain the listener at all times, but having like 10 tracks, all doing different things is overwhelming.

  11. tessa Avatar

    Sometimes on business cards I need to squish the font up to fit extra long email address!!!

  12. BoopWithMe Avatar

    As a someone that is dabbling in this. This is really helpful. Thank you very much.

  13. Prabhu Shankar Avatar

    bro where do i get a gradient colors for my logo please help me

  14. Ben Scholtens Avatar

    Great list Will, I've definitely made some of these mistakes in my past work. One thing I learned is that you do need rules and guidelines to follow. Without them you have nothing to break. It's the difference between muddled and showing a narrative.

  15. ahubbard205 Avatar

    Thanks for clarifying that I didn't murder anyone if I squished a font. I was actually starting to feel down in the dumps until you said that. That is good advice. Thank you!

  16. Throw Tube Avatar

    why not distort type exactly?

  17. Two Random Boyz Avatar

    So why dont you distort the font?

  18. Hypoxia Ischemia Avatar

    I'm a murderer, I distorted fonts ;-(

    Also, very helpfull vids dude, loving your stuff!

  19. Graeme Whittle Avatar

    Hey Will, your videos are really informative and helpful. Where can we see some examples of your work. Do you have some logos out there in the public domain ?

  20. Mr PumperKnuckles Avatar

    Hey Paterson I was hoping you could review my portfolio and give me a tiny bit of advice since your a graphic designer.

  21. Coach TheresaM Avatar

    So I created my own logo, I kept it really basic. However my thing that I am trying to grasp is alternative logos, as in tweaking the design a bit for things such as clothing. Would you recommend doing this or just changing the background and such for different pieces?

  22. Annapoorna Mahesh Avatar

    This was super helpful thank you

  23. Aiman Fakia Avatar

    can u please provide us with an e-book that describes the process of creating a logo ?

  24. Evelyn Hippolyte Avatar

    do design logos for people?

  25. Ayurveda Sutra Avatar

    Will u r really an awesome guy….really cool personality…and sharing cool and informative things on your channel…I would really like to meet u and would likely to have talk about graphic design…I am a design student but still confused what to pursue as i have opted for fashion design but after watching ur videos i am getting more attracted towards graphic design..

  26. chika Avatar

    "Do not distort the font."

  27. Travis Fantina Avatar

    When a client commissions you to hand letter a logo do you actually create a font or just the characters in their logo?

  28. George 2099 Avatar

    I concur in everything but the timeless part everytime i create a logo i try to do a timeless pieces but clients always look for a more complicated design because minimalistic designs looks too simple for them its not my thing its my client!

  29. nightowl8936 Avatar

    It would have been more educational if you included examples of logos that committed these design mistakes.

  30. Gerald Prost Avatar

    I think two fonts is more than enough. Perhaps you could have some examples of poor logos.

  31. liunardoTV Avatar

    You are so right, mate. That's the key.

  32. iAmar Avatar

    I had to make logo's for my intership, and yes logo's are complicated and so simple at the same time.. it's so hard. Thank you for the tips 🙂 will remember them

  33. Sykophantic Avatar

    Hey Will, Im a graphics design I do more banner designs and C4D work I really want to get into logo design and I would like to thank you as this is a great video for me to know before I start learning how to make logos thanks man. Also a new sub keep up the video man.

  34. pukingdeserthobo Avatar

    you have a Alot of video's! good stuff!

  35. peter kioria Avatar

    Watching this from Kenya…. 12:23PM , Nice work Will. Thank You!

  36. n zakrh Avatar

    I just found your channel recently and wow- it has certainly helped me ALOT in getting excited about doing what i love to do. I never got the chance to go to an art school (yet) but your videos make me feel like i ~am~ at an design school teehee! Thank you for doing what you're doing! 🙂

  37. Hydrated Gaming Avatar


  38. Xari Fari Avatar

    hi ! i like your videos… please tell where can i find free good mock ups for bussiness cards , flyers , book covers etc… thx in advance

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