Top 6 iPad Pro Accessories + GIVEAWAY (2017) ✍

In this video, I show you all the best accessories for the iPad Pro 12.9 and 10.7 second generation 2017. I hope you enjoy the video! All links are below.

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iPad Pro Case
Screen Protector
Apple Pencil
iPad Pro
Apple Pencil Case
Yohan iPad Stand
Nutsack Satchel Pro


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37 responses to “Top 6 iPad Pro Accessories + GIVEAWAY (2017) ✍”

  1. Will Paterson Avatar

    Hope you guys enjoy the video! Take part in the giveaway!

  2. DEWI RAJU Avatar

    Can I win it please a iPad

  3. Samatra Johnson Avatar

    I found your channel after getting the iPad Pro. I l'm loving your channel. I am a photographer who aspired to be a graphic designer but can't draw. LOL. However having the iPad Pro has kept me trying. I hope to win the satchel.

  4. Jeff Brown Avatar

    Thanks for the tips on accessories. Love the Nut Sac bag. Keep up with the great videos. Cheers.

  5. john-peter Charlton Avatar

    Love the nutsac Bag and loved this video, i have been looking for a matt screen protector for my iPad so thank you and will be going to amazon to buy them ha. heres my twitter thanks !

  6. DZMPLZ Avatar

    What app are you using?

  7. Ryan Manak Avatar

    Umm the pencil won't scratch the screen…

  8. Zac Surant Avatar

    I was a skeptic at first of my iPad Pro. After having it for a month…IM A MEGA FAN! I am a graphic designer and photographer/videographer. I didn’t think it would be able to do everything I needed it to do on the road, but dang I was wrong. It is so nice. Only thing I’m missing is the Nutsac…yea I can’t say that very well without chuckling. Hopefully I’m not too late for that contest!


    P.S. I love your videos! Anything design and lettering I hit your site up first 🙂

  9. अवधूत Impermanence Avatar

    You have good taste. Thanks for the review.

  10. pro gamers Avatar

    I subbed slapped that Bell and liked this video!

  11. John Ekare Avatar

    Great accessory review… my only remark would be on the comment "think of all the pencils you'll save". You would have to go through a massive amount of pencils for it to even make a difference compared to the $99 you pay for the pen. You* must be fairly desperate for arguments to convince the rational part of your brain to sign off on the purchase if you need to be grasping for straws like that. (*Not YOU, Will Paterson, but "you" as in a potential buyer looking into getting the pen.)

  12. J H Avatar

    Go VEGAN. Stop killing animals for an iPad case.

  13. Cryoutforwisdom Avatar

    Not sure if the giveaway is over yet, but just in case, I linked from Twitter (@bekahlovedorris), I've subscribed (a week or two ago) and I follow you on IG.

    And what do I think of the iPad pro? I think you've convinced me I need one, and if I win, I'll know exactly which one to get! 😀 God bless

  14. AllThingsEvil Avatar

    I subscribed a while ago. I'm getting the ipad pro soon because of your videos so I hope it's worth it. Keep up the good work!! ^^

  15. Coni Quijada Avatar

    I want to winnn! My twitter is @coquisilva

  16. Hypnotic Studios Avatar

    The ipad pro looks very clean but ive never had an ipad so i don't know how they run but my Twitter is @EthanJarvisDZN

  17. Mary West Avatar

    Absolutely love your videos! I would appreciate the NutSack. I won't fondle it, I swear.

  18. Sierra Jones Avatar

    Maybe you should think about the animal cruelty and environmental impact your "obsession with leather" has, hmmm asshole?

  19. Daini Peagram Avatar

    Love the iPad 10.5 😀 use it for design, but also creating music

  20. Junaid Kureshi Avatar

    What app you are using for writing?

  21. 吴春辉 Avatar

    Can u tell me what brush do u use on this video?

  22. America Rodriguez Avatar

    I got my iPad Pro 10.5 bc I use mine for school and I love it for doing my assignments then procrastinating on it and watching movies or Game of thrones 🙂 Twitter @america_rod IG@ ame.rodrigz

  23. Gard Avatar

    I love my 10.5" iPad Pro. I decided to splurge a little so I got 256g so I don't have to worry about space, but other than that it just works amazing, I went from the iPad mini 4 to this and I am just obsessed

  24. Linda Do Avatar

    Hello! I recently bought the ipad pro and I can't wait to use it for school! I love how I can organize my notes and easily sync it to my laptop.

  25. Beverly Green Avatar

    I got my iPad Pro 10.5 this week and love it. It's my 3Rd iPad. Twitter account @bgreen63. I'm following you on instagram. Loved the video.

  26. Negativenine Avatar

    Great looking stuff

  27. Ahmad Razman Ahmad Jamal Avatar

    i am considering trading in my 2016 macbook pro for a 12.5 ipad pro v2. i have a 2012 macbook pro which is now my home computer. Any body has done so? how do you feel?

  28. ThatLauraPerson Avatar

    Would love to get that satchel! Please include me in the giveaway! Twitter: @thtlauraperson insta: @thatlauraperson

  29. Zeno Arts Avatar

    I love my iPad and thanks to your videos I'm getting better and better at lettering on it!
    Twitter: TheZenoArts
    Insta: tduggandesign

  30. mogh1 Avatar

    Hey Will my twitter is @Mogh1, Love the videos Mate. Keep Up the Good Work

  31. Lauryn Hyland Avatar

    Hi! I'm getting the iPad Pro 9.7 for my birthday this month and after watching a bunch of videos about each of the differences (including a few of yours!) I decided the 9.7 pro was the one for me. I definitely want to get the apple pencil along with it, I feel like the two go hand in hand. I know this iPad will come in handy with my school work and I've been looking at accessories for this iPad and the NutSack seems just perfect for it!
    Instagram: @Lauryn.hyland
    Twitter: @laurynhyland

  32. Ruby Ann Rosales Avatar

    Nice video Will. I'm taking part in the giveaway.
    Subscribe: check
    Link your Twitter to Youtube: ? (in my youtube settings, my twitter is connected… is that it? or this )
    Follow in IG: check
    Comment: check

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