Top 7 Must Have WordPress Plugins – Killer!

Check out our must have WordPress plugins for 2015!
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36 responses to “Top 7 Must Have WordPress Plugins – Killer!”

  1. Kripalini Kalita Avatar

    i can't find google analytics by team yoast plugin. can someone please send the link?

  2. Michael Amaral Avatar

    Nice video it really helps me.
    You can also add Blog Designer Pro plugin which is also good..
    Check out info :

  3. Kimberly Mahoney Avatar

    Thank you so much for this video it's so helpful!

  4. Martin Avatar

    I absolutly hate any and every subscribe banners. I usally get the information I want and plan to never to return.

  5. mark shirley Avatar

    CF7 terrible Yoast poor

  6. סמדר גיגי Avatar

    Hi, I couldn't find the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast
    Is there other name for this plugin?
    or is there other similar plugin from yoast team?

  7. Beyond Multisite Avatar

    From these I only use contact form 7 :). The only plugin I use on all sites is WordFence.
    I am not sure that a xml sitemap will help at all with search engine rankings by the way.

  8. Mujahid Bakht Avatar

    James Stafford has provided good information regarding plugins but not all the WordPress websites need all those plugins, but just choose which one your site needs it. Best of all, Mujahid Bakht, Tice Media, Inc.

  9. Mujahid Bakht Avatar

    Good information regarding WordPress important plugins! Best wishes. Mujahid Bakht, Tice Media, Inc.

  10. Anand Shah Avatar

    Hi. How can i add advertisments in the video like youtube? Say add a temp video ad of my local car dealer of 30 secs for one month in my wordpress self hosted video. Is there a plugin for it?

  11. Mister Xman Avatar

    love the info. Thanks

  12. TricksMax Corp Avatar

    Helped me lot 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Daryl Ayala Avatar

    how much are these plugins?

  14. Presence Tse Avatar

    Can I get sumo link builder if I haven't got an autoresponder, can you build an email list for free?

  15. Presence Tse Avatar

    How do you use plugins? What do u do after u downloaded it

  16. Ian Tully Avatar

    Google Analytics by Yoast is now "Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights"

  17. Raghavendra Laxmeshwar Avatar

    Great video! please suggest a free portfolio or gallery plugin

  18. Ss Greenbean Avatar

    I already have a wordpress blog but need a hosting solution watched the other tutorial but is showed creating a site from scratch which I don't need

  19. Partha Roy Avatar

    google xml site map is included in yoast seo plugin

  20. supermario2804 Avatar

    Very great Job, thank you very much!

  21. DeAnna Hall Avatar

    Thanks for the info and easy to understand demonstrations.

  22. WPBrim - WordPress Tutorials Avatar

    Best list for each WordPress site .However, WordPress security plugins like ithemes security or wordfence are also recommended.

  23. One Web Street Avatar

    Awesome video! Great overview of plugins. Just a heads up, you are duplicating your sitemaps if you install Yoast and XML sitemap generator. Otherwise, we totally agree with your suggestions. 2 other suggestions would be a caching plugin and a security plugin. Thanks for your video.

  24. New Topic Avatar

    you should kool plugin

  25. Jude Hibler Avatar

    A lot of quick easy help that will be valuable to me as I develop my website. Thank you.

  26. Shawn Vougeot Avatar

    Thank you – very helpful!

  27. MikeOnTheBox Avatar

    Am I the only one that runs away from website with pop-ups asking you to enter an email to subscribe to some mistery email list? Do people really fill those with their emails?

  28. WilterCachetes Avatar

    Genial, excelente vídeo amigo, me darías a descargar tus números entre tops para añadirlos a mis vídeos?, esta muy cool

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