Top Tools for Success in the Office

Working in a corporate office, or any kind of office for that matter, requires a lot of time spent in meetings, hours on the computer or on your mobile phone. This can often become tedious and time consuming if not done effectively and efficiently. To avoid this, it is important to make use of the right tools to help you get your job done quickly and with less time and energy wasted.

Here are a list of items and tools you can use to help you become more efficient and successful at the office:

Anti-blue light glasses

These glasses help you keep eye strain at bay by blocking out damaging blue light from your computer or mobile devices.

Visitor management system

Having a visitor management system will allow you to be alerted when your guests arrive. You will no longer need to wait around the office entrance for your clients or guests to arrive. As soon as they sign in, all the relevant information will be relayed to all parties involved.

Notebooks (digital or traditional)

Whether you prefer a digital or traditional notebook, having something to jot down your thoughts on is important and much needed to help keep you organised. Keep a notepad or a notes app on your phone so that you’ll never forget an important idea again.

Blue, black, and red pens

Having a set of these basic color pens is a must. Blue for notes, black for signing off documents, and red for urgent reminders – these colours are a must have for a better office life. You’ll never have to ask to borrow a pen again if you keep these around.

Bluetooth printer

Nothing says seamless like a bluetooth printer! It will save you so much time and energy by being able to easily print documents over bluetooth.

Large calendar

I prefer having a large acrylic board calendar mounted on the wall but if that’s not for you, you can use a table calendar or a digital one. Stay organised and have a view of all your monthly or weekly meetings noted down. If you use a digital calendar you can also invite others to join you in a meeting or event via email invite.

Laptop stand

Nothing is worse than sitting for hours with your neck craned over your laptop causing neck and back pains. Having a laptop stand can be a life and back saver!

Water bottle

Stay hydrated! We often forget to take care of ourselves when we’re concentrated on work. So it’s important to remember to stay hydrated with a large water bottle. Having a double walled bottle is a plus and it can keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours!






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