Transparent Clothes Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial i will show you how to achieve this camouflage photo effect where we make t shirt look transparent.

super simple tutorial, very good for beginners to learn some things.

we will cut out the background and and than separate t shirt from body and will change the blending mode to make it mix with background.

the real trick is to make t shirt black and white before making it transparent so we don’t have any trouble with miss matching colors.

Also we will use displacement map, which we have done many times before so that should not be any trouble.

I really hope you enjoy this photo effects tutorial and if you have questions or suggestions ask me in comments below.

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43 responses to “Transparent Clothes Effect | Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Brina Brady Avatar

    Thank you for an excellent presentation of the lesson. I learned so much. I love your voice and accent.

  2. Snoop Vladogg Avatar

    I'm at least Russian, but it's still interesting to watch.
    Thanks Google translator

  3. bashpr0mpt Avatar

    I like that you mention additional keyboard commands. Photoshop is one of the least intuitive programs ever, it's almost as bad as Blender, which is probably the worst program in the history of coding. So seeing someone who provides more information than needed is fantastic!

  4. Blanco Sbm Avatar

    i like ur voice x 😛

  5. DirtyBlasion Avatar

    you did a lot of mistakes this vid 🙁

  6. Clorox Bleach Avatar

    I can't believe that we found a Microsoft Support guy that's actually helping

  7. nicki chandan Avatar

    wow you are too good

  8. nicki chandan Avatar

    wow you are too good

  9. fallen decisive Avatar

    my whitelines wont erase. brush tool won't erase it even though the harness is already a hundred. Why?

  10. Zinna Alam Avatar

    Thank you so much… really very helpful video

  11. Milind Khadase Avatar

    Amazing tutorial it's really helpful thanks to upload 🙂

  12. Jeff Cantwell Avatar

    Love all the tips & tricks. When I tried to view it the second time (to take notes), it froze. Hope it thaws soon.

  13. Muhammad Faizan Junaid Avatar

    Back of my T-shirt of grass is turn into Hue colors red

  14. Muhammad Faizan Junaid Avatar


  15. MoNu VaisHnaV Avatar

    mahn you are awesome

  16. Piseth BO Avatar

    Help like for vote my photo that i design in Photoshop by click link and it will take you to Facebook:

  17. seed ola Avatar

    I want to thank you speciallly for this amazing video. It's enticing and clear. But please, i am new to photoshop and i have immense desire to study and become a professional in it. Kindly help out with may be a video on the basics i need to start with. Thanks. I will appreciate deeply a response. Thanks again.

  18. Sparrow Avatar

    OMG every time i press Control i my background gets black

  19. LOLjustONE Avatar

    Why if i choose one T-shirt with models , letters and numbers , that tehnique dont work ? i need to make that t-shirt only 1 colour ?


  20. Waleed Alaa Avatar

    الحتة قبل الاخيرة ما اشتغلتش معايا.

  21. tenzinf13 Avatar

    Awesome video 😀 very useful tutorial. Keep it up!

  22. Amr Ahmed Avatar

    i want adownload link for it

  23. Satyafal Sao Avatar

    pls do a tutorial with the other photo also which u showed in the video because in that the effect with road is awesome
    U r a fabulous editor and thankx for making us learn how to work with photoshop

  24. ansh thukral Avatar

    Man!!!!! U are such and expert
    Great Tutorials
    Great Explanation
    Great Ideas

  25. Mamta Kataria Avatar

    sir try CB edits once .

  26. Kexter Avatar

    Porque tuvo que ser en otro idioma :'v

  27. Lisa Tennant Avatar

    Great tutorial overall, however, the magic wand tool, while is saves time, you would be better served to create your mask/selection with a paths selection or color range techniques. This means a little extra time, but can be worth it. The reason to bypass the magic wand on most things is, if you compare the edges of a magic wand selection to a selection by paths, the anti-alias is SIGNIFICANTLY cleaner and even. Also caution to watch your resolution, don't mismatch your resolutions too much, make sure the shirt pic has high enough resolution. Nice job though, looks great.

  28. Lukaa Sitar Avatar

    Make sure the hardness is 100%. Fuck I need help

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