Tutorial: How to render Processing sketch as a movie

This video looks at how to use the saveFrame() function to render a video from a Processing sketch.

Example code:

More about the Game of Life:


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31 responses to “Tutorial: How to render Processing sketch as a movie”

  1. Benoit Pilatte Avatar

    I am impressed by the speed at witch internet grows, I mean… I searched for a video like this one about one year ago and it didn't exist.

  2. XGreekGaming HD Avatar

    Hello, Please update the link of example code ,Thanks.

  3. Rajasaurus Brontozaurus Avatar

    When I try to draw using say the Depths sketch from (https://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/117601) this technique of saving .pngs slows down my computer so much that I can't really get a good video capture. I mean I can't react with the sketch and still have it record in real time. Unless you have a super powerful computer, are there any other options other than screen capture which looks pretty bad.

  4. Junho Park Avatar

    cannot found example code link

  5. michieb1231 Avatar

    what i did:
    int position = 0;
    void setup() {

    size(640, 360);


    void draw() {

    position +=1;
    if (keyPressed){

  6. lazy black Avatar

    I don't know how to find solution about error message "Creating the QuickTime movie failed. Java heap space."

  7. Raph Schru Avatar

    Hi Dan !
    Is there a way to render the video programmatically ?
    Btw very useful video !

  8. Lukasz Klejszta Avatar

    Where can i find your libraries and software? I need something what gonna work on windows or linux OS :/

  9. MasterFlamaster Avatar

    too many languages, Dan

  10. NonTwinBrothers Avatar

    I thought thumbnail looked like you playing piano.

  11. Marcelo Pietragalla Avatar

    Hi, Daniel Shiffman!
    First I'd like to congratulate and thank you for all the videos you upload in this youtube channel! you provided this online comunity a really good source for code learning!
    Now, I've being struggling with a problem in processing, and I wonder if you could give me a light on this problem:
    I got this pattern using perling Noise that I'd like to use as a background of an application I'm working on, but its very heavy processing to generate this pattern every frame, is there a way of storing this pattern like an imagem right at the begining of the application ( so that everytime I run it, the pattern will be slightly different), and ALSO rendering it larger than the actual canvas, since I'd like to zoom in and out this background without losing quality. Can I do something like that in processing 3? Some way os creating an image buffer in an arbitrary size, do all my drawing to it and then saving it as an image ( no need of an actual file, just keep in the application as an image so I can print it over everyframe like a stamp I can 2D transform without all the pattern processing all over again.

    Thanx for your attention!


  12. philip segun Avatar

    I've always loved everything you doing but can you program using java cos I don't really understand javascript

  13. tehlolzfactor Avatar

    Sorry to be pedantic but PNG is technically compression, but it's just lossless compression which will compress the image file as much as it can without losing any detail from the image.

  14. Shorkie Avatar

    It really looks like programmers are real life wizards.

  15. Dmitry Voloshyn Avatar

    Great video! Is there any chance to get the same tut for p5? btw you are awesome!

  16. lorans abood Avatar

    i have designed a small game on processing and i wanna put it on my blog. is that something doable?

  17. Kudret Celebi Avatar

    Thanks Daniel very helpful! But I am having errors which says "The class GOL does not exist! What is the solution of that?

  18. Vulcan Viper Avatar

    0:23 Maybe you would get that right if you wouldn't rush yourself as much as you do.
    3:53 and 12:36 and 12:58 … Why??? cringe

  19. saammina Avatar

    I am a beginner and I am trying to implement your code into the sketch you have in processing called "mirror2" for practice.
    However, when I type the code
    GOL gol;
    above the video setup, it tells me that "The class "GOL" does not exist." !!!
    Any help would be appreciate it.

    Thank you. =]

  20. Nicolas Kunysz Avatar

    Thank you for this; However, I still experience a little bit of trouble on my side, I am trying to export a video from a code that is audio reactive (the export will be a music video), and when I run the code for 3.38min (length of the track), it works but the output is only 30 sec or so.. I understand that it "slows down" when the code is saving frame while running but since the visuals are linked to the sound in "real time" it is a problem for me… Any idea how to fix this? I would highly appreciate.

  21. Raymond McCord Avatar

    Thanks you! How would one do this in p5.js? For now I am just converting the sketch over to processing (when I can, which is not very often due to .js and javas diff) to render as a movie but I would love to cut out that extra step. saveFrames() doesn't seem to be referenced in the library and the saveCanvas() I haven't gotten to work properly for me. Could you add a p5.js version of this topic to your list?

  22. Player Name Avatar

    How do you teach so well? You're style of teaching clicks so well with me, it's crazy! Wish you were my teacher, so grateful to have your channel available to me.

  23. JZL003 Avatar

    Just a side note, there's an extremely robust cli program called ffmpeg(if this helps, it's like image magick but for videos) and it can do the same thing. the advantage is it can convert to pretty much any video format your can think of and has done advanced options like overlays (in the same way learning gimp/Photoshop is useful, learning ffmpeg and image magick pays off a lot)

  24. Komoluna nole Avatar

    Great Video, but still a bit ironic…
    The video you render in the video ist higher resolution that the video you rendered for youtube(720p).

  25. cricolabus Avatar

    Hi ! I just discovered your tutos, thank you so much, it's so well explain !! I recently find out about processing and augmented reality and I was wondering if you could make a tutorial about it, it could be amazing !

  26. noé bory Avatar

    Really nice video Bravo!
    Hey I have trouble getting matrix transformation (array multiplications) with Processing could you do a video about it?
    And again congratulations for your work 🙂
    Regards from Switzerland

  27. Rophi Avatar

    thanks man. I'm learning java in my IB class right now so i'm totally going to use your tutorials

  28. syruptree Avatar

    Nice video! I never knew about the save("blah.png"); lol. Please keep rolling out amazing videos! 😀

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