Twitter Logo – Golden Ratio Tutorial

You guys loved the last video all about the golden ratio! So here’s another break down for you. 🙂

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Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video!

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45 responses to “Twitter Logo – Golden Ratio Tutorial”

  1. Carl Raw Avatar

    Fun Facts From Carl Raw:
    Did you know the original Twitter logo was only $6?

  2. Teguh Albean Avatar

    Thank You Will, It helps me to learn golden ratio.

  3. Neithan Avatar

    Trying to fit the circles in any order willy-nilly and…hazam! "I used the golden ratio to draw a logo". That's so NOT proportionate in any "golden" way… Seriously my fellow artists, drop the golden logo bullshit.

  4. XantheFIN Avatar

    Make correct Bluetooth logo (Runic 'B') with this. I want see.

  5. X Gaming Avatar

    hey thanks for the tutorial really great ! Can you do one about the color harmony

  6. Anjali Gupta Avatar

    I just loved watching this tutorial…Thank you so much for making such beautiful tutorials.
    I'll definately try this today….

  7. Richie J Avatar

    If you made a series where you take popular logos and essentially reverse engineer them using the golden ratios that would be bad ass

  8. Emad El-Din Mamdouh Avatar

    So what did I got of all of this?!!! I still couldn't got the technique of the golden ratio, yet.

  9. Slobodan Šupak Avatar

    golden ratio is bullshit.

  10. Keith Achinthaya Avatar

    will ur videos are amazing, very informative, and very useful. helps so much as I'm a graphic design student first year. keep it up and all the best Will !

  11. joshua Leonard Avatar

    Can you explain what "setting up the proper document does?

  12. Tony Avatar

    Need some help. After doing this tutorial Im getting alot of "artifacts" after merging the circles with the shape builder tool. The curves arent smooth, and you can tell where one circle ends and another begins. However, in outline mode the lines almost match perfectly. Why when I convert the circles to shapes I get random "bumps" and jagged edges???

  13. Anthonie Avatar

    simelest way to explain why golden ratio is so awesome mathwise is explainable with A4 paper. if you fold it in half it has the same ratio. and its the most efficient way to space things without overlapping.

  14. John Torres Avatar

    I'd like to see the creation process of a new logo, not just show how the golden ratio fits in already exiting logos. Show us how to creat a logo, maybe from a picture

  15. Damvidetermine Duck Avatar

    how i can config the background like this video with 3 withe pages?

  16. leanderdigerud Avatar

    what if your logo is square?

  17. Fabien Design / Avatar

    THATS TOO FUCKING COOL sorry for caps but i needed to say it like that 😀 thank you a lot

  18. Mufqi Naufal Avatar

    Wow this video is really awesome! never thought about that. Btw what about the complex logo like KFC? How did I make that kind of logo with golden ratio? 🙂

  19. take2give Avatar

    Great video, I would love to see a video on how to create the initial concept using the golden ratio, since its easier to reverse the process then to create. For example how does one know where and the distance to place each element etc. Thanks!

  20. FilleFjonk Avatar

    I just wonder (im new to illustrator), my illustrator doesnt look the same as yours, i think i have the newest version but i keep struggling. Thankfull for help.
    PS sry for my english :3

  21. Bob Bobby Avatar

    This is amazing!!!
    Thank you for sharing your fantastic knowledge!

  22. CPEEZI Avatar

    Has the audio been removed for anyone else?

  23. Denis M. Avatar

    What's the music that you use at the beginning and at the end?

  24. Arieh Chaikin Avatar

    Can you do a video explaining how to build a logo from scratch using the Golden Ratio?

  25. Kamolek GG Avatar

    Apple logo is also in golden ratio

  26. Emily Maidman Avatar

    This is hilarious. My maths tutor at Cambridge (Uni) told me there are people in the design world that think the golden ration exists as an absolute value. Every multiplier (including the 1.168 Will mentions) between 1.1 and 1.2 can do this (and most between 1.1 and 1.4183 can do this). I love it when Will says he 'could look up the maths on the internet, but he doesn't understand it.' – No sh*t Sherlock 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. Jamil Tarik Avatar

    i think its not that easy to come up with a logo using it , I mean, i'm really amazed by the power of the golden ratio since … forever, and I always wondered how I could use it , but here we're using the golden ratio and applying it on twitter logo since we're only dragging the circles , can we do the same on an imaginary logo ? I would love to see the process cause i think that would be really difficult

    thank you

  28. SEspider Avatar

    The Golden Ration is a excellent tool.
    However; it is not always useful.
    For example, I've designed a logo for a local client and the GR was of great use when I got to the finalization stage. But one area of the logo requires the circle group to be aligned with both the left as well as the outer right straight-edge of the design. No manner of multiplying nor dividing would bring the circle group to the needed size. Instead, I held down Shift and Alt to manually bring the size down. And the inner circle automatically fell in place. It need to be noted that the Circle group consisted of to GR circles BEFORE I manually resized them for the design.

    Please Note: You DO NOT have to use the Golden Ration for logo designing. There are many awesome logos that do not use it. But it does help greatly. EDIT: Almost forgot a important tip. When you use the GR (or your custom shapes) to create logo/shapes, then make sure the shapes are touching/intersecting one another. Otherwise the Custom Shape took will join/remove areas that you did not want it to select.

  29. Med Reda Bouaassoul Avatar

    Amazing tutorial in the golden ratio, there is tons of logos now made by it <3
    For the challenge @Will you didn't mention the company name??

  30. Hephix Designs Avatar

    Learned a ton, thanks!

  31. Elissa Ann Torres Avatar

    Great video as always!

  32. Leonardo Filippini Avatar

    why is the golden ratio supposed to be more pleasant than other ratios?

  33. Fabitalism Avatar

    How do you saved the golden ratio? Do you have an extra file for this one?

  34. Will Paterson Avatar

    Thanks for watching guys! I've been super busy this week, but new videos coming next week. Including a livestream tomorrow night!

    Thanks everyone!

  35. Athal Al.Ghufaily Avatar

    When I press the minus while using the shape builder tool, it changes to the delete anchor point tool… anyone has any idea why this happens?

  36. Robert Loyale Avatar

    The Golden Ratio is amazing. lol I try to use it as much as possible but to be 100% I default right back to the pen tool lol..Need to stop.

  37. Sdraila Marian Aurel Avatar

    You will only get the true golden rectangle by using the geometric method of constructing it, wich does not require mathematical calculations, and by doing it like that you might get a better understanding of it and why it works. Here's the geometric method:

  38. TheWanderer Avatar

    Will's hair – always on point

  39. Raquel Fantasia Avatar

    6:00 – Thank you so much for showing how to do it with Shape builder tool! I tried to do it yesterday with pen tool and I gave up.

  40. Chris Hanline Avatar

    I'm getting a 1.618 tattoo.

  41. David Pruitt Avatar

    Haven't seen it yet.. but know it is great!

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