TypeScript Tutorial for Angular/React Developers

Learn all about classes, objects, interfaces and other essential object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts in TypeScript. These are the essential concepts you should master to build Angular/React applications. This video is part of my COMPLETE ANGULAR course where you’ll learn everything about Angular from the basic to the advanced topics, and finally, you’ll build and deploy a real e-commerce application using Angular 4, Firebase 4 and Bootstrap 4.

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00:41 What is TypeScript?
03:04 Your First TypeScript Program
06:03 Declaring Variables
10:52 Types
16:35 Type Assertions
19:22 Arrow Functions
21:05 Interfaces
24:59 Classes
29:29 Objects
33:36 Constructors
36:27 Access Modifiers
39:23 Access Modifiers in Constructor Parameters
41:04 Properties
46:22 Modules

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10 responses to “TypeScript Tutorial for Angular/React Developers”

  1. clmlbx Avatar

    Your teaching method is Awesome, loved your explanation

  2. Stefan Ivovic Avatar

    you rock men. best mvc and ef teacher

  3. Koodauskanava Avatar

    Thank you very much of this lecture, I learned a lot from this. TypeScript seems to be very cool language. You are one of the best teachers at youtube. Very clear presentation.

  4. SIJIN RAJ Avatar

    What happened to your vs ,i hate this bloody terminal coding,hate this tutorial

  5. Lol bruh Avatar

    You are NO DOUBT the WORST teacher I have come across you never respond to your students, expect us to figure it all out, I am talking about your exercises. You leave us just hanging pretty much, 1/10

  6. Nikola Polov Avatar

    Copy / paste from angular course 🙂

  7. Mujtaba Mahmood Avatar

    I just purchased your angular 4/2 upgrade last week!!

    I Will buy the new one too, you deserve it Mosh.

  8. NiKole Maxwell Avatar

    Current TS version is 2.5.2, not 2.3.4 as mentioned in the video. (current Aug 2017)

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