Typography In Illustrator CC CS6 – Tips And Tricks

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30 responses to “Typography In Illustrator CC CS6 – Tips And Tricks”

  1. Harish Singh Avatar

    Thanks Will Paterson.

  2. شرف الدين الغرناطي Avatar

    hahaha that accent so funny …. thanks for the tips

  3. Always White Avatar

    Thank you for your time explaining us! It was so helpful!

  4. RuthAnn Deline Avatar

    Great video, thanks. Could you have more videos for creating unique backgrounds for illustrator cc. Also were to create gold in illustrator. thanks so much.

  5. Victoria Banegas Avatar

    Love it!! Your fast talking is perfect! Too many Youtubers beat around the bush.

  6. Kyle Parks Avatar

    Great tips. Thank you. I want to make text with a textured pattern as the fill. Like if you overlayed text over a picture of fabric and used transparency filter like color dodge. But Then I want to take the background away and keep the textured color in the text.

    That even make sense?

    Ok well thanks for your time. If I end up using your vids a lot I'll def become a patron.

  7. Benny Hill Avatar

    I like your acceent bro, and thanks for the great illustrator lesson!

  8. novocy Avatar

    Thanks alot! I am a graphic designer myself transitioning into motion and static designing, but this is a good head start for me! Thanks, again!

  9. Alicia Zappala Avatar

    ahh your such a life saver! love the videos keep it up!

  10. perchach supertramp Avatar

    hey  what s  the  name  of  the  software  which you record  that  video ? thank you

  11. Rey Santos Avatar

    WOW, never knew that tool existed in Illustrator CC… Thank You for sharing 

  12. L Chen Avatar

    thanks for sharing. Great tutorial 

  13. Moe Hamdan Avatar

    I can find the touch type tool in my character's panel.

  14. Kasey Cole Stokes Avatar

    The keyboard shortcuts you are using do not work on my version are you using mac? Could you do a video on shortcuts as they pertain to typography

  15. Celticgamer0 Avatar

    I can't seem to find the Touch Type tool on mine. Everything is similar otherwise…

  16. Liradu2 Avatar

    I tried it yesterday and it worked and today…not 🙁

  17. Caterina Orr Avatar

    Can you make it more simple for me? I have never used it before and I need to know how to do it for class. This is the one that I feel I can follow the best but, if possible, it would be great if you can start with more basics. Thanks!

  18. Damien O'Rourke Avatar

    thats a great tutorial man thanks. tutorial on kerning etc would be great

  19. Adolf James Carlo Chavez Avatar

    thank you mate!!! this is so helpful!!! i was looking for a perfect font but this should solve my problem..  i could now edit any font the way i want it… thanks =) 

  20. kendras515 Avatar

    All your illustrator and photoshop tuts are super helpful thank you so so so so much for posting these videos!! 🙂

  21. David Manning Avatar

    So basic but so helpful thanks mate!

  22. 7 Stones GFX Avatar

    Your videos are always clear and easy to follow I can always count on learning something from them. I would definitely be interested in a more in depth tutorial on typography

  23. Vic2or Avatar

    More Illustrator tutorials, on shapes and inking, please. Subbed.

  24. Dhiren Moorvin Avatar

    Great one 🙂 easy and clear! Can you make a pathfinder and alignment tool tuts please? thanks .

  25. Matthew Dudda Avatar

    Nice, Fast and Clear. 

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