Udemy Live 2017: Teaching Tech Panel

Here is a preview of a few questions I got asked during the teaching tech panel at Udemy Live 2017.






15 responses to “Udemy Live 2017: Teaching Tech Panel”

  1. Durai Churu Avatar

    Mosh next to Maximillian the best tutors

  2. Akhmad Fauzi Avatar

    I was on youtube searching C# course and found Mosh channel and ended up on Udemy. What can i say is Mosh really gave me new insight and he teach every section with very simple example thus you'll understand under the hood and get "Aha, so that how it works".
    Thanks Mosh, currently i'm taking his advance course and then go to ASP MVC (which why i learned C# from the bottom).
    Well, actually i can get all the C# information on internet especially on msdn microsoft BUT with Mosh help i could understand better with his way.
    At the end i'm really satisfied with my purchase.
    Thanks Mosh

  3. Babak Bahrami Avatar

    mosh it would be great if you could build a "Software Design Patterns" course at UDEMY, wouldn't it?

  4. Nuno Almeida Avatar

    Hello Maximilian, this is Everardo, one of your students!

  5. Nuno Almeida Avatar

    I am very happy to see you live! I really love the way you teach and how objective you can be while keeping things simple!

  6. Oston Code Cypher Avatar

    Programming with Mosh i have just found you…..and subscribed.
    can you pliz help me and reply to me the languages i can use to create an online voting system.
    Waiting for the response from you

  7. Joseph Dubeau Avatar

    Welcome to LA. Don't worry I won't ask you dance.

  8. Rahul Vyas Avatar

    Mosh is the best instructor. He is expert in his field.

  9. Adrian - Avatar

    Who is the guy to the extreme opposite to Mosh? (the guy with glasses)

  10. Ranie Santos Avatar

    Is that Maximilian beside you?

  11. Haris K Avatar

    Your method/logic really adds up to our knowledge

  12. Nadeem Ansari Avatar

    Mosh is the one of the best teachers. Period.

  13. Ulcreative Softwares Avatar

    Mosh I am a student of you and i know you are a great teacher .

  14. Dhiraj Bhavsar Avatar

    Hi Mosh, You are one of the best teacher. We would like to see more teaching from you.

  15. Husain Ahmmed Avatar

    Awesome. Where can I find the full video?

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