UICollectionView Swift Tutorial Pt 1 – Build Pinterest Newsfeed with UICollectionView

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UICollectionView has increasingly been popular in world-class apps because it’s incredibly effective and customizable with a stand-alone layout object – UICollectionLayout subclass.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:
+ Create UICollectionView and UICollectionViewController
+ Subclass UICollectionViewCell to create custom Collection View Cell
+ Create subclass for UICollectionViewLayout to create Pinterest Newsfeed Effect
+ Calculate custom column and row height
+ and much more…

This course will contain multiple parts:
1 – How to create Pinterest Layout – Design solution
2 – Calculate Cell Attributes
3 – Continue Implementing prepare method for cell attributes
4 – Use Delegate to calculate dynamic cell height
5 – Continue calculate dynamic cell height
6 – Make them work all together
7 – Where to go from here?

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3 responses to “UICollectionView Swift Tutorial Pt 1 – Build Pinterest Newsfeed with UICollectionView”

  1. Emmanuel Ogbewe Avatar

    Hi there and one more question , I have a scroll view with my view controllers kind of like snapchat and I was wondering how can ask I scroll change some view controller to have the Lightcontent nav bar and some default ?

  2. mark meyer Avatar

    Hi Duc! I just wanted to take thirty seconds to thank you for your time and obvious passion and care you take in showing and explaining very clearly the what and why behind everything you teach. I just found you a couple of days ago and you have already taught me so much. Thank you seriously. Also its interesting to see how your videos have evolved into what they are now. i like your setup and it definitely allows you to teach even better.

  3. Emmanuel Ogbewe Avatar

    Hi there great tutorial. Do u have the starter project to download? And also I was wondering do you have a tutorial on how to play a video from the photo library in a table or collection view like Instagram ? Thanks

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