UICollectionView with Swift: Build Carousel Like Home Screen – iOS Development Tutorial Pt 1


iOS Development Tutorial – Build Interactive and Social Networking Apps with Parse

Hey everyone,

It’s Duc. Welcome to the first sample chapter from Build Interactive Social Networking Apps Course. I designed this course to help developers design, prototype, and build interactive apps with social networking apps. I also hope that from the learning experience and hands-on challenges in this course, my students will go out there developing their apps with great care for design in mind.

I do hope that this course can attract a large amount of designers and push them to try out developing their own apps from their wonderful ideas and prototypes and designs.

The course will focus on four main goals by accomplishing two fully functional apps:

— Teach you to design UI in Sketch 3. I’m not a professional designer but if you look at the project and after watching and practicing with this video, I hope that you find Sketch incredibly easy to use.

— Prototype any app ideas (with Flinto in this course). Never go straight ahead spending weeks developing your apps right away. “Fake it til you make it!”. Have a prototype.

— Implement interactive features (things like customized transitions, animation, carousel home screen, stretchy headers…). Create social networking features for your apps.

— Finally, hands-on challenges. I want you to own this course and own the two projects in this course. I will walk every step along the way with you but the only way you learn anything new and make it stick with you is to do it yourself.






37 responses to “UICollectionView with Swift: Build Carousel Like Home Screen – iOS Development Tutorial Pt 1”

  1. Mehmetcan Yavrucuk Avatar

    the link is broken πŸ™

  2. Vinicius Gibran Gehlen Avatar

    Download resources is unavailable.. Thanks!

  3. Anoosh Khalid Avatar

    couldn't find the source files could you please update the link

  4. HaSeeB MiR Avatar

    Resoursces link not working

  5. laptopeadie Avatar

    Really helpful video – a big thank you πŸ™‚

  6. laptopeadie Avatar

    self.automaticallyAdjustsScrollViewInsets = false

    needs to be added to HomeViewController viewDidLoad()
    otherwise you will get strange issues when you add extra items such as an extra collectionview to HomeViewController.

    cost me at least 3 hours of my time – of course with just one collectionview might not happen

  7. Wenlong Yu Avatar

    Following your tutorial I was able to build a similar UICollectionView. However, when it comes to different devices, some of the items inside the collectionViewCell are left out of the screen (when using a smaller sized device such as iphone 5 or 4). I wonder if you have any solution for this to be adaptable to different device sizes. Thank you !

  8. Ehsan Ellahi Avatar

    Why we have to download resources for every tutorial, can't you make a tutorial that how can we make it programmatically!

  9. Jayven Avatar

    how to do this with paging enabled? My collectionview cells stop at all the wrong places except for the initial and last cell.

  10. KidsPlayGames Avatar

    your resource and website are not working :0

  11. Davi Kurtpool Avatar

    Man you're great I've done it step by step, however something is missing on my side. I guess it something to do with "dequeueReusableCellWithReuseIdentifier" in Swift 3. I took the private off from that Struct Storyboard and did other modifications to see if I could Debug it, I didn't; succeed …. The erros go from "Use of unresolved identifier 'Storyboard' to "Value of Type ViewController has no member…" Any help?

  12. Minh Nguyen Avatar

    thank you !!!
    good tutorial

  13. Von Ralph Dane Marquez Herbuela Avatar

    Nice tutorial Duc! How to add view when you click each image? Thanks!

  14. Wenlong Yu Avatar

    Thanks for this great tutorial! I wonder if this approach can be used to create multiple UIcollectionViews in one single view controller.

  15. Ahmadreza Shamimi Avatar

    you are nice man
    thank for help us to learn easy and developing with swift

  16. Rohan Sanap Avatar

    Resources link is broken

  17. msqar Avatar

    Nice tutorial, is there any way that you can do a Carousel in SpriteKit? It's taking me a lot to make it work properly using iCarousel.

  18. chetan rane Avatar

    Hey Duc,
    very helful tutorial.

    Can you please tell us how we can have dynamic cell height?

    Can you help me, I got stuck in calculating cell height.
    I have custom collectionviewcell with one label. And i am setting label.attributed text property with dynamic content.(attributed text has 3 fields, someTitile + icon Image + Location).


  19. Erick Duarte Avatar

    Nice tutorial but the link does not work:/ Is there any other way you can make these cases available to download Im stuck on the interests part because of the link not working.

  20. cristian meyer espinoza roque Avatar

    thank !! very much friend πŸ˜€

  21. X.BOZO Avatar

    the link is broken πŸ™

  22. Fausto Savatteri Avatar

    Hey Duc, thank you for the great video!
    What if I want to embed 2 different custom collection views in a table view?
    I have 2 table view sections, but also 2 different collection views (with different items: label, title).

  23. Doan Trinh Avatar

    awesome tutorial Duc! Very lighthearted and humorous. I laughed hard at the poop emoji part! Keep it up.

  24. Kaiwen Johnson Avatar

    awesome! how did you learn what each code means?

  25. Luis Arias Avatar

    What's the shorcut that you use to show the measures while you're changing them??

  26. camiah Avatar

    Hi Duc, I'm wondering if you can help me. I've made it through your tutorial, and I'm trying to use UIStoryboard object to programmatically and variably segue between storyboards. So when on the homeViewController, you can segue to other view controllers by clicking on one of the "Cards" (Collection View). Can you help me understand my next steps?

  27. Benjamin Cuellar Avatar

    is this working on swift 2?

  28. mac kid 01 Avatar

    +1 sub πŸ™‚

  29. Yu Xue Avatar

    Nice tutorial, UICollectionView feels just like UITableView like you mentioned, but you did several things in the unusual way in this tutorial, like you didn't make the HomeViewController use the protocol of CollectionViewController, but instead, you made an extension, also using didSet to make the cell. very impressive and give me some new thoughts of doing things. Thank you.

  30. Joyce Lee Avatar

    Help? I have no idea what to do. Do i need to do a different initalization of variables for the Interest.swift file? 2016-05-08 13:00:13.662 Imprint2[76162:694563] * NSForwarding: warning: object 0x7fa1bbc17b90 of class 'Imprint2.Interest' does not implement methodSignatureForSelector: — trouble ahead
    Unrecognized selector -[Imprint2.Interest initWithCoder:]

  31. Cla Btl Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial! Worked perfectly!

  32. Sayonsom Chanda Avatar

    Hello Duc, great video.
    How do I incorporate data from Firebase instead of the dummy data in "interest.swift" class file?

  33. Sofia Rodriguez Avatar

    In the project, when you scroll to the last of the interests, there seems to be a problem: the last cell is not displayed entirely, how i can resolve it

  34. Anand Mukut Tirkey Avatar

    best tutorial ever found on Internet

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