UITableView with Swift Series Pt 1: Use Table View


Have you ever used apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat and wondered how you can build some apps like that?

If you noticed, these apps all display data in table format whether it is posts, friends, followers, or photos.

UITableView, UITableViewController and UITableViewCell are all we talk about in this free 4-part iOS course for you!

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30 responses to “UITableView with Swift Series Pt 1: Use Table View”

  1. Mr Coder Avatar

    how can i retrieve the decription or anthother label in cell from firebase

  2. Max Marcisiak Avatar

    When exactly and how often is the method (numbersOfRowsInSection) being called?

  3. Alex Merlin Avatar

    Hello, is there a way I can make the app go to another tableview whenever a cell is tapped (each cell going to a different tableview)

    Thank You Very Much

  4. Lan Li Avatar

    Dear Duc,

    After watching all your videos about table views series, I find them very interesting and helpful. However, I still have a question on how to use the same data model in a different view controller. I even tried to copy the data model and change the name to use it in a different view controller, but it never worked for me.


  5. Jefferson Ribeiro Avatar

    I just want to have a bird eyes on the basics of a tableview. Your video are too massive!

  6. Rami Taibah Avatar

    For those who are looking for the files, you can find them here http://github.com/ductrongtran/UITableView-1-Use-Table-View

  7. Abhimanyu Singh Avatar

    i want your wallpaper

  8. gabriel varli Avatar

    i need the model plz where can i find them

  9. Liam Klyneker Avatar

    Hey! Great video dude, I have a question/error, is this:

    2016-01-25 20:04:05.393 PrototipeExample[14187:366219] * Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: '-[UITableViewController loadView] loaded the "BYZ-38-t0r-view-8bC-Xf-vdC" nib but didn't get a UITableView.'

    Maybe someone can help me, plz…..

  10. Abdul Waheed Avatar

    Awesome Tutorial
    and awesome courses on developersacademy as well
    Highly recommend to check out his website

  11. Jaafar Serhal Avatar

    please i need the models

  12. ABİYE FIRSAT Avatar

    Could you add the files?

  13. Matthew Harding Avatar

    Hello, Where can I find the demo content for this project? I would really like to do something like this in a project I am doing now.

  14. Goomzee Avatar

    If Swift2 errors on the table view controller class, omit the step adding the UITableViewDatasource and UITableViewDelegate (unnecessary as already part of UITableViewController)

  15. Lin Sun Avatar

    sir ,can you tell me where to get the Model and DemoAssets 'file

  16. Star Shooter Avatar

    Check out this addicting space shooter game I was able to make with the skills I learned from these videos. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/star-shooter/id1031112882?ls=1&mt=8 Test it out and challenge your friends. Give me a review to let me know what you think.

  17. Erik MyOxOx Avatar

    Hello, i am currently creating a new social media application, and i would really like your tips.
    Please click the link below and answer 3 questions only, to help me make the app close to how you like it. It only takes 20 seconds.
    Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1X_R8TsGvRCaXfcWxGMt5hUwfcKZmWBrzF-mmBnMXeJQ/viewform?usp=send_form

  18. Mark Chen Avatar

    I can't find the model either.

  19. يعرب المصطفى Avatar

    how can i get the sources of the series ?

  20. ivo fernandes Avatar

    hi, where i can download files in folder "modal"? thanks

  21. Phat Hung Avatar

    Demo, Model, Image lấy ở đâu vậy ?

  22. cheung wai yin Avatar

    I can't find MVC Model video , can you please send the link to me.

  23. V1P3R 2On Avatar

    Can you post a video of you creating the same uitableview with imported data from Parse datastore plz?

  24. Rui Damasio Avatar

    Hey Duc, thanks for the tutorials!
    There is a video that shows how you did build the data swift files? Thanks!

  25. Jose Estrella Avatar

    Hi Duc! Thank you so much for posting this series, learning so much!  FYI. I was not able to get the proper images to load. I realized that the images that you provided were .png (at the least the one I received in the download). It was messing me up, until I started reading into your code and saw that you had it as.tif. I was able to fix it by simply changing the .tif to .png. THANKS!

  26. Guillermo Malagon Avatar

    Hey man hello, i have to show a Json in a tableView, but is not yet loaded when the cells are generated!! its seems like never load the results!! why??

  27. Thanh le huu Avatar

    Perfect series. Thanks!
    P/s: Tran Duc Trong is your name?

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