UITableView with Swift Series Pt 3: Multiple Sections


Have you ever used apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat and wondered how you can build some apps like that?

If you noticed, these apps all display data in table format whether it is posts, friends, followers, or photos.

UITableView, UITableViewController and UITableViewCell are all we talk about in this free 4-part iOS course for you!

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10 responses to “UITableView with Swift Series Pt 3: Multiple Sections”

  1. Duc Tanh Le Avatar

    Anh có biết tiếng Việt không ?

  2. Di Wang Avatar

    great!and where are pt4-9?

  3. Louis Avatar

    When do you make all images the same size?

  4. Louis Avatar

    Part 4? confused why is there a part 10 next

  5. Rahul Shrestha Avatar

    Where did you add the name of the identifier? I can't see how to add "Product Cell" identifier name

  6. Do Giang Avatar

    Thank you very much! I have a problem, can you help me?

    I have an array with 20 items. But I only want to show 10 items on the Table View. And the last 10 items will show when scrolling down.

  7. Tuan Lam Avatar

    Thanks guy. Great Tutorial.
    I'm studying Swift online and I'm just wonder if there is any way to pass data from a multiple-section tableview.

    I'm using this code:

    var MyUserDefault:NSUserDefault!

    override func prepareForSegue(segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: AnyObject?) {
            var SelectedIndex = self.tableView.indexPathForSelectedRow()!.row
           MyUserDefault.setObject(String(SelectedIndex), forKey: "SeclectedRow")

    this works well with single-section tableview, but I don't know how to make it works with multiple-section tableView. Can you show me a way ? Thanks

  8. Fendy Wibowo Avatar

    Hi, its amazing tutorial, can i get your tutorial?

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