UITableView with Swift: Use Table View to Build a Photos Gallery App


Have you ever used apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat and wondered how you can build some apps like that?

If you noticed, these apps all display data in table format whether it is posts, friends, followers, or photos.

UITableView, UITableViewController and UITableViewCell are all we talk about in this free iOS workshop for you!

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10 responses to “UITableView with Swift: Use Table View to Build a Photos Gallery App”

  1. Don Hoa Avatar

    usually images have different sizes, how we show it on custom cell which keeping its ratio

  2. Don Hoa Avatar

    how we configure dynamic cell height with autolayout, please?

  3. rodrigo zamora Avatar

    Hey duc, my app crash when I run it. I don't know what to do.
    libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException this is the error. Can you help me ?

  4. Seazen Studio Avatar

    Wow these are great tutorials! I will definitely be going through all of these lessons. Thanks, Duc!

  5. Ibrahim Ayad Avatar

    Your videos are great Duc, keep it up!!

  6. Emmanuel Ogbewe Avatar

    Hey man great tutorial , I have a question how can after making a custom camera in the app have the picture put into a galley in the app ? Like we see in snapchat and Instagram ?

  7. Bobby Hendrix Avatar

    Duc, Thank you for the great video. When will do a video on how to add search function to one of your UITableView apps? I would be happy to pay for that video!!!
    Thanks again for your time and effort,

  8. Rajeev Ranjan Kumar Avatar

    Hello there, how can i accessing the iPhone's Call log in iOS SDK ? Thanks

  9. Jay Mehta Avatar

    Great going Duc. I can not tell you how much great stuff i get to learn from your videos. I had a question, I find it difficult to use autolayout in storyboards whereas i am very comfortable using autolayout in code even when designing complicated UI. So at professional level does it matter whether you use storyboards or not? And are any problems faced ?

  10. mirza baig Avatar

    Thank you, for finally get back to making iOS awesome tutorial. Please don't make a tutorial on java, website. Stick with iOS cool projects.

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