UML 2.0 Class Diagrams

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Welcome to my UML 2.0 Class Diagrams tutorial. Class diagrams describe classes and how they relate to each other.

I’ll not only cover class diagrams, but I’ll also cover abstraction, encapsulation, visibility, multiplicity, dependence, inheritance, constraints, OCL and more.

As an added benefit, because the concept is so simple, I’ll also cover Object Diagrams in this tutorial. I hope you find it useful.






42 responses to “UML 2.0 Class Diagrams”

  1. Omar Al Ali Avatar

    11:16 I think arrow should be directed from super class to subclass

  2. Shayan Siddiqui Avatar

    Hey Derek, cool video. However I was wondering numOfDogs(6.17) is static and private as well. Shouldn't it be public.

  3. np8 Avatar

    Derek Banas, a label for quality. I liked the video before watching it.

  4. Pritam Banerjee Avatar

    And as usual, your videos are too good.

  5. favadar Avatar

    thanks guy, also for the easy to understand speaking

  6. potobill Avatar

    What tool do you use to make a C++ class diagram?

  7. Ajay Devarakonda Avatar

    As clear as it can get!

  8. Partha Sarathi Das Avatar

    you are so good. thank you. concise yet clear

  9. Umair Amin Avatar

    how do u make your videos? Which editing software you use? Great Stuff…

  10. Thomas Johnson Avatar

    Thanks, this is the best!

  11. Syed Hassan Avatar

    Is the static Attribute an attribute found in all the classes?

  12. Syed Hassan Avatar

    The best explanation ever.. Your articulation of voice is amazing and gives more meaning to your words.
    Only few people know to talk like this, especially on dry subjects like requirement engineering, process modeling, diagrams etc.

  13. Greg Rell Avatar


    … hello Derek Banas

  14. cris Avatar

    Great video, literally got me going for a project at work, but your soothing voice almost put me asleep here at work too!

  15. robot Avatar

    never studied this lesson before and my exams are in 2- days…already watched 3 videos and from full stress mode I went to zero stress mode

  16. Muhammad Shoaib Murtaza Avatar

    Sir you draw these class diagrams after activity diagrams or sequence diagrams?
    If after sequence diagrams, then how to discover class names(Classes) and methods from sequence diagrams??

  17. Christopher Angulo Avatar

    Thanks for helping me in my Homework sir, very much appreciated 🙂

  18. Yuval Akavian Avatar

    so if I want to state final method, for example the template method I put next to the method {readOnly}?

  19. rashed azad Avatar

    Thank you very much.. During watching the video I had a feeling like if there was a simple example with c++ or other programming languages it would be much clearer.

  20. Ferdina Innocent Avatar

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  21. Sadaque Khan Avatar

    Could you briefly explain in a basic way a bi-directional (standard) association ? a code example would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  22. Kristopher Guillaume Avatar

    You actually have aggregation and composition mis-matched. From what I was thought composition has a solid diamond while aggregation doesn't this is a very strange example because it's using both. If you're trying to demonstrate both I think in theory it breaks the composition definition. And the composition is more opinionated. But if the whole dog is destroyed the part breed isn't… What are you getting at here? Kind of bad confusing example. Ambiguity error please use the scope resolution operator :: lol

  23. Kristopher Guillaume Avatar

    I believe you have aggregation defined wrong. aggregation is the process in which you inherit class using a instance not inheritance, I believe it to be so.

  24. cristianpolar Avatar


  25. Moaz Baghdadi Avatar

    The best tutorial ever 🙂
    I think that the constructor's return type must be empty. (you use void)

  26. Favotites Avatar

    Since Dog is a (sub-)class implementing and inheriting methods from the abstract Animal class, the arrow should be on the other side (see video at 14:05)

  27. Alex Mav Avatar

    Amazing thank you so much!

  28. Ronak Tanna Avatar

    If only everyone had a teacher like you. If only.
    Thanks to the YouTube creators for giving people like you an opportunity to teach countless people like me who haven't had a good teacher, and most importantly, thank you!

  29. spasticpeach Avatar

    Thank you once again for teaching what professors assume someone else covered. Have you ever thought about teaching swift?

  30. Youssef Boughallad Avatar

    hey Derek, i don't have experience with UML and i just started learning oriented object programming, so i'm curious about the actual flow of UML for the design of software, so say that i have an idea for a program or a requirements document , and i want to make the software design and implementation following the UML approach, so is the actual procedure like the order of the videos in this playlist , like starting from use case, activity diagram, class diagram…. till deployment diagram and then i will have a working software ?? or is there something else or another approch ?? and by the way nice channel

  31. Domantas Lekavičius Avatar

    11:40 points from Dog to Animal (Dog -> Animal), meanwhile 14:20 points from Animal to Dog (Animal -> Dog). This is misguiding.

  32. Yordis Prieto Avatar

    How would you apply Class Diagrams in functional programming language? How do you translate that?

  33. codemasterz Avatar

    fantastic classes. man you are gifted to teach. congrats. one advice, put the number of lecture in the title. I`m just going back and forth to see which one is the next lecture. other than that.. man I wish I had you as my teacher.

  34. Dương Nguyễn Văn Avatar

    It helpfull with me, thank you so much, )

  35. Qasim Saeed Mughal Avatar

    43 DISLIKES .. FOR WHICH REASON ?? HE IS teaching so well thats why ??

  36. 777Jimihendrix Avatar

    You are just awesome to listen to and learn from. You have a good skill and thank you sir for sharing your knowledge. Kudos to you! Final exam tomorrow fingers not even crossed, just ready

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