UML 2.0 Tutorial

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Welcome to my UML 2.0 Video Tutorial! In this series I will cover Use Case, Activity, Class, Object, Sequence and many more UML Diagrams.

Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a graphical way of describing software systems. In this tutorial, I’ll focus on Use Case Diagrams which list the steps a system needs to follow to reach a goal. I’ll walk you through the parts of a Use Case Diagram as well as the requirements of a Use Case Description.

It starts slow, but quickly it will dramatically improve your ability to create robust systems.






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  1. שקד גרינפלד Avatar

    Is there something that you dont good at??

  2. Naresh Chaudhary Avatar

    Thank you very much…Derek!!! I''ll pass exam now're life saver…university lecturers really suck..

  3. Suhaib Barham Avatar

    Can I have the slides pleas ?

  4. Kyle Butler Avatar

    Thank you! That is really great to get to know how coding is connected to design of software.

  5. John Coppens Avatar

    Thank you very much for the videos. I'd like to suggest just one thing: I understand each video is a string of short 'strings' (pieces of audio). Many of them starting with '…and'. There is no pause between the segments, and sounds artificial, and makes the video sound boring (long-winded). Please consider inserting 1-2 seconds! This is somewhat equivalent to using paragraphs instead of a looooong text.

  6. soumava nag Avatar

    Can you give an example of SHALL VS SHOULD REQUIREMENTS?
    And thanks for the tutorial Sir 🙂

  7. Obakeng Atlholang Avatar

    Great,made it easy for me to understand.

  8. H C Avatar

    Learned more from this than I did from 13 week semester for my Masters. :-/

    Exam next week. I might actually get a passing grade.

    Thanks, computer dude! 🙂

  9. Unfair Chair Avatar

    Great video as always! Btw, shouldn't the use case "stolen card" extend "verify card" and not the other way around?

  10. Rajita Baniya Avatar

    can we separate our actor like you have done for amount can be $10 or$ 20.i want to that for actor like staff can be either nurse or clinicians??

  11. Aurimas Lazdauskas Avatar

    Derek, your tutorials are killer! I love your diction too. I just have one suggestion, when you show slides it would be wonderful if point that's being talked about was in different color to distinguish it. Anyway, just a little observation. Thumbs up as always!

  12. Gavin Culmer Avatar

    They really need you at my university

  13. SaatiCorp Avatar

    Amazing tutorial. Thank you Derek!


    UML (Unified Modeling Language)

    Use Case:
    Defines how your program solves the problem. Defines what is required and how those requirements are met.

    What is going to happen before the system is triggered
    -Machine received a card

    People outside of the system boundary line.
    -Customer, Bank Security

    The conditions that must be true for the system to be able to start operating.
    -Bank has cash

    Goals (Successful Conclusion):
    -Provide customer with funds
    -Secure client accunts

    Failed Conclusion:
    The situation in which system has failed or has ended processing before going to entire use case.
    -enter invalid card
    -ATM has insufficient fund

    Extensions (Alternatives):
    -If the card is stolen

    Steps of Execution (Requirements):
    -Customer inserts the card, etc.

  14. debasish acharya Avatar

    Hello sir, i have doubt.Can be the use case diagram used as graphical use case specification?

  15. John Bair Avatar

    Derek, When it comes to the Use Case description, it looks like you demonstrate a single description for the entire diagram. But your example is pretty much showing what the diagram itself says in the Use Case elipse. Shouldn't the description say something more? Add something and not just repeat the diagram? Also, what about a short description for each use case elipse? Thanks for the awesome, high quality videos!

  16. Mayank Dighe Avatar

    I always feel like directly skipping a topic if you haven't made videos on it. I hope you make a more comprehensive series/in one video for OOMD/UML

  17. Bernard Rouhi Avatar

    okay, but the ATM Machine does other stuff (Saving/Pay loans/Transfer/Mobile credit/ec.) for the different type of customers (Credit card/Debit card/etc.) how do you fit all that into one use case diagram? Will not it be messy?

  18. Ihtiyor Hasanov Avatar

    mind sharing slides, please?

  19. Stuart Workman Avatar

    Joe Swanson from family guy does UML

  20. Paul Sieber Avatar

    just wanted to say a big thank you. i have two exams this weekend and just found tutorials for everything on your channels to help me repeat everything. your doing an awesome job thanks a lot!

  21. Mohamed Harbi Avatar

    are these tutorial suitable for beginners?

  22. Ashley Tan Avatar

    Hi, Derek Banas. Great tutorial. However, I have a question to ask.
    For the use case diagram you used as an example, shouldn't extend be pointing to the parent use case instead? So in that example, shouldn't 'Stolen Card' be pointing to 'Verify Card'?

  23. Belay Kelemework Avatar

    hi derek i want ask you one question what are the actors of project management system?? ♥♥♥

  24. 6,789,933 views Avatar

    Derek Bananas, I have a question

  25. Pedro Alves Ferreira Avatar

    Thanks Derek! I needed this so badly. Thank you so much, mate.

  26. Yevgeny Avatar

    Is it a good idea to start a PHP project with building a UML model? I would like to have, among other (more particular) documentation, a description of a project of a high level of abstraction. Would UML be the right tool for this? Are there any alternatives?

  27. Reg Barnard Avatar

    Thanks for a very comprehensive tutorial, Cheers

  28. Ross Carrick Avatar

    Thanks for the video Derek. This information helped a lot as always!

  29. Israel Lugo Avatar

    Thanks Derek! i'm trying to learn some about UML.. you made my day! Greetings from Mexico

  30. Ania B. Avatar

    Great video! Many thanks! 😀

  31. Charitra Ahire Avatar

    Will provide all uml diagram in one video which will cover 1 full system..
    like will u able to provide all uml diagram for course registration system with notation nd little theory of all uml diagram? ??:)

  32. JakobRobert00 Avatar

    i do not really understand how one could clearly separate coding and testing in the waterfall model. Noone just writes 10,000 lines of code without running the program and then gets 1000s of bugs and tries to fix them. You have to test very often in the coding process, otherwise you do not see what you are actually coding. I think it is important to do quality assurance at the end to find all the bugs that are hard to produce and that the programmers themselves´did not find directly, but a little testing has to be done all the time.

  33. Xuntari Avatar

    This is GOLD! Thanks 😀

  34. Ankit Verma Avatar

    thanks a ton Derek.

  35. shefusudi Avatar

    Great tutorial:) loved it.. Could please make some on Selenium-Java ??

  36. Ronak Kumar Avatar

    Pl. decrease your tempo of speech

  37. Vitali Müller Avatar

    Could you also do a Tutorial on Automotive Spice 🙂

  38. Mark Ganus Avatar

    holy crap! this man makes tutorials even about software process modelling

  39. Mooni ta Avatar

    Thank you so much 🙂

  40. sharifa bahar Avatar

    nice video sir . thank you

  41. tejaswini sana Avatar

    hello sir, great tutorial…my vote is for j2ee ….once again thanx a lot sir!!

  42. Ana Souza Avatar

    Derek, is that possible (although not usual) use UML to modelling not just for OO languages, but other kinds too? Can you do some reference to comprove it?

    Trying to defend myself that is it not exclusively used to OO…

    Cheers from Brazil!

    Thank you as always!

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