Unique Glitch Effect Photoshop Tutorial

In this unique style glitch effect Photoshop tutorial, we will cover how to create the effect by using filters, working in the filter gallery and other Photoshop tools. This was really fun to complete. This is a fairly straight forward tutorial. You can really go all out using the same techniques as I did. But I wanted to keep it simple and clean. Anyways, hope you like it. Please don’t forget to smash that like button and my apologies in the delay. You guys are awesome!

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48 responses to “Unique Glitch Effect Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials Avatar

    Don't forget to subscribe for future Photoshop tutorials! 🙂

  2. Family Friendly Content Avatar

    bruh idc if this vid is old your channel is amazing

  3. Shakey A Avatar

    i did the same wave settings but for some reason mine is completely different :/

  4. naruto uzumaki Avatar

    what is the name of the background audio

  5. Rafael Duque-Garces Avatar

    When i try the wave distort thing my picture comes out completely different. Please help

  6. Just Mee Avatar

    I played around with the colours in blending options as well as hue saturation and it turned out epic it was like a slightly colorful version of this it reminded me glitches T.V People try it

  7. That Gamer Girl Akane Avatar

    Does it work with Adobe Photoshop CS2?

  8. Ivonne Carlo Sellés Avatar

    Seriously dope, I needed this effect for a photo I'm doing and I could not for the life of me think of the name or even how to go about it and tonight I just ran into this tutorial. LIFESAVER! Thanks 🙂 xx

  9. Dinārs Eklērs Avatar

    i cant even do the 1st step, to bring new layer below background layer,wtf, it dont allow me

  10. J Mac Avatar

    "Filter Gallery" is greyed out for me

  11. Yohan Pugi Avatar

    Hi ! Just a question : where is the download button for the pack ? I go in the website in the description but I don't find any link for download, there is just an article…

  12. Pix-BitGaming Avatar

    I put in a background to my guy, how do I remove the TV lines from it?

  13. Volvirth Avatar

    What is it with photoshop tutorials and absolutely shit music?
    Can't it just be silence, or a commentary tutorial?
    Does it HAVE to be shitty hip-hop electro music?

    Still, thanks for the tutorial, actually pretty useful.

  14. Ishmael Jaeger Avatar

    Simple but effective. Awesome work.

  15. Michael Kitticai Avatar

    Best tutorial I've seen so far, i like the way you're brief and to the point…
    Thanks a lot!!

  16. Jankeys Avatar

    3:503:58 It shows the same pic _. When I merge all layers, do I need to deselect the backgrond??

  17. Barbara Simlinger Avatar

    hey i wanted to try this as well but when i select waves i cant select any options except if circular/diagonally or concentric :(( which version of photoshop are you using? do you know if i can find the other options anywhere else?

  18. Spade_LoL Nightcore Avatar

    I'm stock at 3:51 it says "Could not use the move tool because the target channel is hidden" I have no idea what I'm suppose to do.

  19. Yasuo Mains Avatar

    1:48 can you tell me how to make the cyrcle smaller .. i am new with photoshop and have no idea what am i doing

  20. parviz Avatar

    l love ur vid but how am I supposed download the stock and brushes

  21. Angad Singh Avatar

    Awesome work there, I subscribed. Keep up the good work @Photoshop Tutorials

  22. Squizzy Buuu Avatar

    umm…. im use cs6 when at tv line part that not working for me….

  23. Nate Jackson Avatar

    what is the purpose of setting them to small objects?

  24. DrDolphinrider Avatar

    >unironic "Don't forget to smash that like button!"

  25. Shakib Saifi Avatar

    Wow it is awesome. thanks for this.

  26. Wendy Postmus Avatar

    This was exactly what I needed, thank you!

  27. HuskerN20 Avatar

    Good work ! Thanks for all the tutorials it's amazing

  28. Trentos El Bartos Avatar

    So this is how Alan Walker does it…

  29. Roy Reumerman Avatar

    how to download that stock thing??

  30. Cameron Mahal Avatar

    I can't find the stock downloads on mac, anyone help?

  31. Sinke Avatar

    omg you are so good i jsut got Photoshop and i made this yt logo and banner and you are soo good at doing tutorials keep it up!

  32. J Før3v3r Avatar

    the wave effects shows different results when applied to the same image with similar settings??

  33. Nikola Mihaylov Avatar

    I love your tutorials,they are amazing! Helped me SO MUCH!

  34. TeamUp Gamers Avatar

    Some more videos and voice record would make you the best tutorial channel 😉 (you are pretty good right now :D)

  35. Winoto Angkasa Avatar

    I like your videos, but this one did not work with me. I find it that everytime I do the third step (distort) it become messed up and didn't appear to be like yours. Does it have any configuration to set first, or can you help me? thanks

  36. Pascal Hagen Avatar

    If I go to the filter Wave, i dont get this window..Im using PS CC 2017.

  37. RayePixlrKay Avatar

    thank you soooooo much for this i knew how to do it but didn't at the same time this helps a lot ^-^

  38. Ethan Marston Avatar

    Need some help, on the part for tv lines when I click Filter Galley it says Error: no more virtual tiles can be located!

  39. Jordan.S Avatar

    Ya this works great ill am definitely gonna use this. You have lots of creativity and you help me lots you also have a good musical taste! thanks for the tutorial.

  40. DJ L1ON Avatar

    this looks nice but why not trying real glitch art?

  41. Trino Avatar

    Excelent! your glitch effect is amazing 😀

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