Unit Testing for C# Developers (Upcoming Course)

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15 responses to “Unit Testing for C# Developers (Upcoming Course)”

  1. Daniyal Awan Avatar

    Thank u mosh .. U are great !! .. always looking forward for your courses ..

  2. Lug Vélez Schmitz Avatar

    Yeyyyyy… TDD Finally !!. Thanks Mosh you're awesome

  3. Leonardo Lindermann Avatar

    Mosh any course of Node.js or ASP.NET CORE 2.0?

  4. Shawki Sukker Avatar

    good luck Mr.mosh your courses are the best

  5. Champa Kumari Avatar

    Thanks so much sir for this course.

  6. Kumbi Avatar

    Will you use NUnit and Moq?

  7. neeken123 Avatar

    Finally, I really liked your "unit testing preview" in your fullstack course, cant wait!

  8. Ciupaz Avatar

    Great! Very useful.

  9. Marcin Grygierczyk Avatar

    Great! Can't wait for it

  10. Niranjan NT Avatar

    Awesome!!! Eager to know how to unit test C# Events.

  11. Joseph Dubeau Avatar

    cool, looking forward to it.

  12. Julian Schacher Avatar

    I'am really looking forward to buy this course on udemy. Big thanks to you Mosh for your great and well structured courses.

  13. Kmiilo Berrio Montoya Avatar

    I'd like to discuss something with you, and that's how you can get out of the need to program for developers, plus the good practice theme of making reusable libraries with reflection, and components we have to use repeatedly and not reinvent the Wheel, for the little knowledge I have with the reflection can make a world of better things for the theme of the software factory.
    Could you take a course?

  14. Ben Avatar

    I'm excited!

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