Unravel Gameplay

Tonight I’m taking on the puzzle platformer Unravel. It is a beautiful game with a grat story and I can’t wait to try it live.

Join me live at 7PM EST / New York Time to talk about random stuff and ask me anything






32 responses to “Unravel Gameplay”

  1. Alban Schmidt Avatar

    Looks like someone tried to imitate Ori (and the blind forest)

  2. Juan2003gtr Avatar

    go back to coding videos

  3. DEAD GAMING_LIVE, Please get an XBOX! Pretty Please Avatar

    I know this isn't a programming video, but what is a good programming language for a 14 year old to learn? I tried C++, C#, Ruby and even python is stressing me out. But I don't want to be stuck with Batch and Visual Basic

  4. Tamir Shklaz Avatar

    Absolutely love the variety of videos on your channel. Can keep me entertained and stimulated for hours. Keep up the great work Derek πŸ˜›

  5. drowningafish69 Avatar

    Would love a ReactJS Tutorial series since I love your programming tutorials!

  6. Fantasdeck Avatar

    I don't know if you'd be interested, but we're philosophically aligned in terms of providing free educational resources. I specialize in language curriculum development, and thought you'd dig something I've been developing to assist in learning Mandarin: (https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/713824646).

    I actually used your Python tutorial to build web scrapers to amass the corpora data I need to make these programs, so I figured you'd like to see some fruits of your efforts.

  7. sorry for bat english Avatar

    reminds me of Little Big Planet

  8. Abdulnaser Sheikh Avatar

    Taking honors geometry 1-2 this year.

  9. Tosin Daudu Avatar

    Derek Banas can you help me with installing java because i try it but it kept asking for a password for some files. Is there another website you can java from? If so can you give me step by step instructions?

  10. RandomSilly Avatar

    The games music made me super happy xD very nice game

  11. Up4lIFe Avatar

    That stream really made my evening/night !

  12. Schoko4craft Avatar

    The next video i watched had udemy advertisment lel

  13. DaveDaChicken Avatar

    Not gonna lie your problem solving skills weren't up to their normal standard, but great vid anyway πŸ˜€

  14. Space STG 3 Developer Avatar

    Yes, your tutorials are better than in Udemy. I also encountered some of low quality udemy courses..

  15. Anonymity Avatar

    Derek why'd u stopped making programming tutorials

  16. Abrar Iqbal Avatar

    Again with an marvelous game live session and unfortunately I missed it again because there it was 4:00am :/ πŸ˜€

    But this is game is really marvelous. I mean the scenery and music was so dramatic type. What kind of these games you would suggest ? I mean although it is puzzle game but the picture and scenery describes something else. Just like Walking Dead, the game has total gore scenes but the story is totally different and the player plays.

  17. Machiaveli Dx Avatar

    (c#)Derek please tell me what does return; only mean ex: if(!true) return; and what is (break) and (continue) used for and how to use them

  18. Albrecht Xerxes Avatar

    Keep doing. More streams ! and you was actually right, you have really nice legs πŸ˜€ (as you said one stream)

  19. 3gHz Avatar

    Bro, loved your tutorials, can you make a tutorial video of game development in unreal game engine

  20. Manigandan Avatar

    You taught us almost every programming language, I wonder every time, I think you are a one-man army. Thanks for making such wonderful tutorial.

  21. ampersandexplainer Avatar

    Glad you like the game would not even have thought of recommending this (as its so pretty i dont think of it as a puzzle platformer), Glad you enjoy it would love to see you continue it if you enjoy it. Once you get the mechanics down the first few levels fly by, then it starts to get harder. You may also like FEZ. Other recommendations are Antichamber – first person puzzles and SUPERHOT – first person combat thing.

  22. Stalin Smilin Avatar

    1080p cool πŸ™‚ thanks man

  23. akash bose Avatar

    Derek man, you are a great teacher. I would like to be friends with you someday, thank you.

  24. soft fost Avatar

    Again Late! Its 4 :30 AM when you started streaming.

  25. Zain Avatar

    hi derek,, i am from india,,, you have a great knowledge.. as a beginner programmer when i think new idea to development and implement to i search about it on internet it is already implemented in any way…then how i do something new …. i have theoretical knowledge about oops and any syntax and in my collage they practice simple add, multiply, etc …but by this i dont feel the programming i want to implement it on things where i can feel that. yaah this is the real programming i spent a lot of time on internet to the focus how i start the real programming that i feel … i can spent 12 to 15 hour/day and i have at least 4 month to do hard work…plz suggest something to me….

  26. Dino Zoe Avatar

    Hi Derek, I have a question
    I want to learn MySQL workbench, but I'm confused between two things.
    Should I install MySQL Community Server OR MySQL Workbench?
    I don't know if there is a difference between them or not, so I need your advice.
    Thank you so much for your help.

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