Unreal Development Kit UDK Tutorial – 14 – Adding Pillars to the House

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34 responses to “Unreal Development Kit UDK Tutorial – 14 – Adding Pillars to the House”

  1. khurram sa Avatar

    alright guys ,i don't know that how much longer that i can servived along with my damed dick and my tutorials, but keep it in mind do not forget to subscribe cause it holds the ability to pity
    save my ass.

  2. The One Avatar

    it is a game not a app. And no sorry can't say lol.

  3. The One Avatar

    i will be putting it up on android app store near the end of September.

  4. Niles Rapin Avatar

    Is it just me or are these tutorials starting to turn into minecraft?

  5. The One Avatar

    1 year ago…really more like 2 years ago lol. Any ways, i realized UDK is not that native for me. I am currently doing programming in android using openGL and have an app set to come out in the next month or so. Don't know wut ill call it. Keep in touch and ill give u the name of it. Dont worry it will be free :)….ofc u need to have a android phone.

  6. Tease Avatar

    When it's done, leave a download please

  7. AllfatherJ Avatar

    apparently u dont know what mastering means…

  8. Jeorney Avatar

    I feel like a toddler running around a house when in player mode. 😀

  9. ItsKouta Avatar

    I don't lag on Slender. o.0
    I've played all 7 maps and beaten them. Except Prison.
    I'm still waiting for the Carnival map though.

  10. IWolfGod Avatar

    Playing slender makes you lag like shit for most people.

  11. ItsKouta Avatar

    lol what?
    Your computer must be a piece of shit.

  12. IWolfGod Avatar

    Unity lags too

  13. VivaGamer1 Avatar

    WOW!! its better if they do it unity 3d style respawn the object and you make the size by clicking it and going with the mouse up or down! its way easyer than this! but i dont think you could make holes for doors in unity3d and it had ugly graphics so yea i think this is better, i just gonna get this for graphics

  14. Jake Zephyr Avatar

    Yes, what I've always wanted in a game Up + a first person shooter 😉

  15. Ozan Başkaya Avatar

    When I add CSG, I accidentally change that color, it's not purple-and white squares right now, there is only shadow white, how can I change that?

  16. The One Avatar

    @MrJonas3211 haven;t really done anyting for the last bit excpt complete like a couple games and stuff. Been focosing on java mostly. Making a 2d game their. After im in university in about a year. i'd proably ome back to udk make some more games.

  17. EvilLamas Avatar

    In the uk, when doing `sixth form` I have to do a subject called `extended project` everyone else is writing a big long essay… I'M MAKING A VIDEO GAME!

  18. The One Avatar

    @Klickker 🙂

  19. Klickker Avatar

    @toy741life sounds great man 😀

  20. The One Avatar

    @Klickker yes actually 🙂 I not a pro at it but i have got the basics + some advanced stuff down :D. I am really good at unreall kisment and made some seriously good top layed coding on it. I am currently working on a puzzle level where their wil lalot of user interactions to make the game alot of fun. I did alot of UDK during the summer :D. Right now im applying for university of toronto in grade 12. So i go on it on weekends only.
    none the less, yes i have gotten good at UDK 🙂

  21. Klickker Avatar

    @toy741life do you master UDK now after 5 months? 😐

  22. Swordie100 Avatar

    [Nerdy Seananners Voice] THIS IS AMAZING [/Nerdy Seananners Voice]

  23. The One Avatar

    @TheNetau well i make and complested my first games 4/6 levles thagt it will have…so ye

  24. Adam Sinclair Avatar

    After three months of watching your videos, Bucky, I forgot to hit Subscribe.

    Just remember that the extra added subscriber was me. 🙂

  25. zedo28 Avatar

    @Grkgermn333 Yeah and i will love to see what happens to view counts when he starts making advanced tutorials XD

  26. heatoneGR Avatar

    @toy741life thank youuuuu

  27. The One Avatar

    @heatoneGR you too 🙂

  28. heatoneGR Avatar

    @toy741life hmm ok then!!if you need me in anything dont hesitate!!see you around then!!

  29. The One Avatar

    @heatoneGR i never visit any forms. I learn fro the videos and try things out myself. But i might check out the forms soon 🙂

  30. heatoneGR Avatar

    @toy741life this would take me around 3-4 hours… 😉 but i am learning…fast :)if i do it once i can do it again in around half an hour…anyway if you can suggest me a page or a forum to learn i would be grateful!!

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