Unreal Development Kit UDK Tutorial – 15 – Finishing Our House

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42 responses to “Unreal Development Kit UDK Tutorial – 15 – Finishing Our House”

  1. Dave Stalker Avatar

    when selecting vertices to make the slanted roof and fancy deck I get axises that don't line up with my grid or anything else haha. have I maybe got a setting out of whack somewhere?

  2. Joe Foo Avatar

    Can i get some help, my vertexes are always at an angle, and solution?

  3. Biosystem Studios Avatar

    I have a problem, with just the 1 light in my house, a small bit of light leaks under the wall outside. Any fix for that?

  4. fearthebearcat Avatar

    It took me so long to click the edge that when I got it, I got excited…

  5. menyus777 Avatar

    Pretty cool, Ah? πŸ˜€

  6. Altaranalt Avatar

    AHA! Thank you very much! I had the same issue!

  7. McChopper 2000 Avatar

    thx really much bit late bit thanks ^^

  8. N G Avatar

    go to the properties and block rigid bodies

  9. Jeorney Avatar

    I had to use CSG add to finish off the sloping roof.

  10. Matthew Randle Avatar

    I went from World to Local to select that edge πŸ˜‰

  11. McChopper 2000 Avatar

    Hi pls awnser me.
    When i convert a static mesh to a mover i can go through.
    But thats bad when i want to create doors.
    I want movers i cant go through…

  12. Tutlon2 Avatar

    Hey you said you won't be using the word vertices! πŸ™ πŸ˜›

  13. shatley123 Avatar

    you had it in one dick? oh click

  14. Ramon van der wal Avatar

    hmm i had in in one click

  15. Broken Clocks Avatar

    Pretty cool, huh.

  16. jessegotowork Avatar

    can someon help me if i selekt a object i cant move it those errows woont chow up ;/ pls help

  17. badadaha Avatar

    LMAO so while watching the vid in full screen mode I looked down at the bottom of the screen to check what time it was, it said "1:17 am" then i realized it was the videos time so i looked at my main monitor to check the time and it said "1:17 am" so i got all confused but realized we just both had the same time that moment….thought to myself, "BUCKY's so good, im in perfect sync with him" πŸ˜›

  18. newbie20111 Avatar

    heheehhehe no more roofless house buckies πŸ™‚

  19. R K Avatar

    @SkateExplosion Nice to see that more and more people coming to thsi channel.

  20. Nicky Wild Avatar

    "Pretty cool, huh?"
    Yes, Bucky. xD

  21. EvilLamas Avatar

    I got it in about 6 trys… I feel there should be a runing competition in the coments for this now…

  22. DazKins Avatar

    @thenewboston a COUPLE!!!

  23. Michael Hoijtink Avatar

    hey bucky thanks for your great tutorials, much appreciated!

  24. Michael Hoijtink Avatar

    hey bucky thaks for your great tutorials, much appreciated!

  25. R K Avatar

    Haha, I wanna try making my school.

  26. Novelty ID's Avatar

    @F1zzyHD Anytime πŸ˜€

  27. F1zzy Avatar

    @ZiX3NeMa Thanks man πŸ˜€
    Forgot haha

  28. Novelty ID's Avatar

    @F1zzyHD Build All…

  29. F1zzy Avatar

    I added ALOT of lights but still no light!

  30. TheDeathofGrace Avatar

    @dsm1891 ya reminds me of the time i played i a mod where the entire battlefield was a bathroom. i think you had to use a helicopter to get on the toilet.

  31. Faustodc Avatar

    now it looks even more as a museum :/

  32. Ricardo Lopez Avatar

    what do i do if it says map should have KillZ sets

  33. Goldbob360 Avatar

    Bucky your giving me the building blocks for making building blocks

  34. mrbeantje1 Avatar

    Respect for bucky!
    Making vids for us at 1:15 AM :O
    That means we are important to him πŸ™‚
    Thnx bucky πŸ™‚

  35. Trc Ro Avatar

    Basically you can only create maps ? Or can you actually create a game that you can share with your friends ? πŸ™‚

  36. ObliviuxProductions Avatar

    I have to admit this is boring. I thought we were going to be using the UDK to program and import models sounds etc… not to make models. I have 3ds Autodesk for that =

  37. ChrisR2131 Avatar

    my bottom left corner screen doesnt look like that. How do i do that?

  38. keith hobbs Avatar

    my rough is slanted on the edges πŸ™

  39. prodigy372 Avatar

    @ITzBATMAN680 For simple things, you can get a lot done with just UDK, but when you're creating bigger games you'll need a lot more options that Max, Maya, etc. can offer.

  40. xFelicianoX Avatar

    @marinipiero Ooh true.. πŸ˜›

  41. Terra Reveene Avatar

    I was just going to comment about me not liking white-blue chess board house xD Thank god for textures being next!

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