Unreal Development Kit UDK Tutorial – 20 – Collections

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30 responses to “Unreal Development Kit UDK Tutorial – 20 – Collections”

  1. Ronit Bhatia Avatar

    Pretty cool huh? 😛

  2. haved Avatar

    You should actually do the tutorials, that takes some time

  3. Ecr ios Avatar

    "Pretty cool, hah?" = )

  4. Andrew Lincoln Avatar

    I knew some of them already, and skipped through a few bits.

  5. Andrew Lincoln Avatar

    I've finished 20 in 1 hour…

  6. Derkos Avatar

    why i haven't got any material :S ?
    Like, u are awesome ! ;P

  7. Galor Sheinbein Avatar

    I liked every single video and subscribed…

  8. HollowCam Avatar

    If you`re watching this in the playlist, just keep skipping through the videos and listen to the first ten words he says in each video.

  9. Kappa Avatar

    he gets money for this… didnt u see all these ads?

  10. TheTurntaker Avatar

    Pretty cool huh! Yes its cool Bucky

  11. jurassicpark4ever Avatar

    @kerryannwong You should search for some mac tuts.. 🙂

  12. Melecia Wong Jacobs Avatar

    i am a mac user, i am jealous i cannot follow

  13. SiCGaming123 Avatar

    -My collections won't appear in the collection tab… Bucky help?

  14. Pytox Avatar

    nice stuff bucky, keep on going 😀

  15. WikiPeoples Avatar

    god, I am fucking LOVING these tutorials. Bucky – you are *hands down* the coolest person on youtube. I hope someone donats a million dollars to you, because this is sick !

  16. The One Avatar

    @tekcomputing i think i saw u say that for the past couple toitrials. Incresin the number by 1…

  17. Flubadoodoo Avatar

    you are not human

  18. Oktrako Avatar

    don't care th

  19. 43eyes Avatar

    10TH! What now?

  20. 43eyes Avatar


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