Unreal Development Kit UDK Tutorial – 22 – Material Expressions

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29 responses to “Unreal Development Kit UDK Tutorial – 22 – Material Expressions”

  1. Jj Fine Avatar

    Thank you… this tutorial have been so helpful since i started UDK

    Probably should start making an engineering journal since you mentioned a lot of key points in this one

  2. therobin9810 Avatar

    I am going to watch these material tutorial videos of yours, but I am probably going to Edit My own textures inside udk with substance designer.

  3. Corey Shuman Avatar

    "What the heck color is seven?" Haha! I had to pause the video so I could laugh at that.

  4. Qwerty Charlie Avatar

    It goes backwards to the blenter nodes! ahhhh

  5. vaibzzz123 Avatar

    Who else is screaming at Bucky to close his asset database maintenance window?

  6. The NooB Lyfe Avatar

    "It is now 11:44 at night, and I just woke up. So, yeah. Time to start making some tutorials."


  7. fearthebearcat Avatar

    🙁 My version doesn't have vector parameters.

  8. AssassinGrudge Avatar

    at 5:33 they use (0 to 1) for representing the degri of color that's mean 0 is 0% of red for example and 0.75 = 75 % of red and 1 = 100% of the color a percentage make more sence than jut intger number (0-255) for a user

  9. trainspotter837 Avatar

    Thanks so much Bucky, you da man!!!

  10. Joshedwards3636 Avatar

    dude i appreciate you making udk tutorials for real we needed stuff like this for ones that need to know it all and you do a great job in detail thanks bro

  11. Kylepso Avatar

    UDK teaches me that I should have paid more attention in Geometry 😐

  12. KebleTar Avatar

    Just awesome! Nice video and audio quality and you really seem to be prepared. Really the only negative thing there is to say is that it is going a little slow for people who are already familiar with 3d. But I understand that these tutorials are for everyone so you cannot just skip parts.

  13. EdgarAllanPoo Avatar

    Why are you so cool bucky?

  14. A British Man Avatar

    so the colour shines even outside the shape so lemmie go ahead and scratch my ear! :,)

  15. Pugachelli Avatar

    so let me go ahead and itch my ear. Ahhh.

  16. flass73 Avatar

    Why dont i have some options in the Material Editor, like Opacity, costom lightning and tessellation? Do i need a newer version or is it a setting?

  17. Kappa Avatar

    pretty awesome huh?

  18. Mr Eldrane Avatar

    I accidently moved the Properties bar underneath the task bar and I can't get it back. Anyone know how to?

  19. TheR1otAct Avatar

    @Grkgermn333 thanks, this will help a lot

  20. Abd Ul' Raheem Syed Avatar

    anyone know how to view the material expressions window, I closed it by mistake

  21. Afzal Hassan Avatar

    when i dragged the vectorparameter, the r g b didnt show up in the properties box, how come?

  22. pupmommydad Avatar

    "What this is gonna do is boost this color so it shines even outside the material– so let me go ahead and itch my ear…"

  23. erlkoenig Avatar

    For anybody who has worked with RGB before: Take your number from 1-255 and multiply it by 0.004. Example: 150 * 0.004 = 0.6

  24. erlkoenig Avatar

    @syktune Thanks

  25. Wayne Green, Jr. Avatar

    Pumping the color up above 1 makes the color resemble the glow of a sunset. I like the look of that.

  26. ZDevelopers Avatar

    Can please call the "expressions" NODES instead, its confusing me!!!

  27. OCoptimusconvoy Avatar

    umm i don't have the glow…

  28. prodigy372 Avatar

    Oh yeah, let's make a hot pink spaceship.

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