Unreal Development Kit UDK Tutorial – 62 – Animating Materials

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13 responses to “Unreal Development Kit UDK Tutorial – 62 – Animating Materials”

  1. Spirrwell Avatar

    The material is called a constant yet it's modifiable… You know what Bucky you're right, they came up with crappy names for a lot of these things. (You said that in an earlier tutorial talking about CSG)

  2. Charl Du Plessis Avatar

    @NicroGames no0o I want potpie

  3. DZYA Avatar

    when r we gnna learn to make a sky?

  4. Ghost in a Jar Avatar

    Btw. I can still do it with the right-click drop down menu, but I'm all for efficiency and doing things the fastest way possible. More clicks=more time spent and it adds up

  5. Ghost in a Jar Avatar

    Hmmm, why can't I drag and drop the material like Bucky does in the vid, I try and it my cursor continues to be a no smoking sign 😛

  6. Aloykatos PC Tech Avatar

    @enersani watch the first tutorial

  7. Bob Bobby Avatar

    Hey Bucky, how do YOU learn all this stuff? does it just come naturally or do you read manuals/forums etc? There are only so many hours in the day 😀
    Excellent job by the way!

  8. Bob Bobby Avatar

    @vccportageorg Congrats

  9. Grant Oberhauser Avatar

    I just figured out collision. It's a bitch…

  10. gjh33 Avatar

    yes Bucky, you do have an amazing package.

  11. cakespray Avatar

    @philkip he just uploaded it…retard

  12. Filipe Sousa Avatar

    240p quality? WTF

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