Upload and Install WordPress Theme


this is a video on how to upload and install a wordpress theme.






17 responses to “Upload and Install WordPress Theme”

  1. Claudius Mainja Avatar

    Thanx but what's the maximum size of the theme that you can upload .

  2. Shivam Thakur Avatar

    thanks man !! short nd sweet.. helped alot

  3. Get A Life Avatar

    In my WordPress, I am not able to find the install button ..why.. please help

  4. Jamila Jelani Avatar

    very helpful thank you

  5. Mike Dinamling Mayam-o Avatar

    Do i have to go premium before i can install themes that i bought out of wordpress? Thank you

  6. Seto McCoy Avatar

    Thank you so much this was really helpful!! you rock!

  7. Kyle Wilson Avatar

    Oh my goodness I was totally stuck, not knowing I needed to compress the file to upload it. You are such a lifesaver!!! Thank you so very very much! So much help! 

  8. Zhong Jeremy Avatar

    thanks for uploading this video is a great help to people like me who know nuts about creating a website with wordpress theme .
    do you have a video on how do i make the changes after i install the purchased wordpress theme to my website.

  9. Cristy Anspach Avatar

    That was really helpful.  Thank you.

  10. Mr Benoa Avatar

    Thank`s you so much….

  11. Ana Lucia Gonzalez Valencia Avatar

    I can install and activate any theme but when I am going to preview my page to see how is going it only show my the default theme. I found on internet something about erasing cookies and I did, and for my surprised it works but when I change the theme again it doesn't show in my page only in my dashboard so I had to delete cookies again. Can you tell me how to fix PLEASEEEEE I am desperate.

  12. Ana Lucia Gonzalez Valencia Avatar

    Hello, first of all i wanna to thank you about your videos they are really useful.

  13. Giulia Pizzignacco Avatar

    Hello, need do I have a "premium account" or buy to "customize design", or something like that to install a download theme like you do in this video? Thank you.
    My e-mail: be.giu@hotmail.com

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