Using Instagram To Promote Your Work!

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43 responses to “Using Instagram To Promote Your Work!”

  1. Andrea Ruiz Avatar

    Lol I don't have instagram. That's why I'm here. To see if I get myself into this as a creative.

  2. Tori Har Avatar

    I do peoples school project,essays,etc for money
    Ig: School.helps

  3. goncalo santos Avatar

    i have instagram people

    Add me: goncalosantos2

    Fashion outfits and lifestyle

  4. Samilink Gaming Avatar

    i don't have instagram at the moment lol

  5. Edwin Rusinskas Avatar

    @MonsterPC's is the only Insta page you need to follow!

  6. Hayati Channel Avatar

    What if you keep your profile private

  7. Asa Damian Avatar

    Yell out to anyone who made this extraordinary website
    I feel like a selebgram now since of my followers quantity

  8. MAD GUYS Avatar

    I don't have instagram

  9. may cohen Avatar

    why do i love your voice so much

  10. Heiko Röhr Avatar

    Thanks for your time! Good video!

  11. Ralph Serpe Avatar

    Thanks Will! Appreciate the advice. Keep up the great work.

  12. Potsune Potsune Avatar

    I enjoy drawing original art (traditional and digital.) If anyone is interested, please follow me on my instagram @aonoark
    It's still a new account but I will continue to post more art! 🙂

  13. Luca Riva Avatar

    Follow us @thebestartever

  14. AJIA CROFT Avatar

    love this and your accent

  15. AJIA CROFT Avatar

    my mum doesnt lol

  16. Lightmare Avatar

    i never used hashtags before. is it for twitter followers? thanks for the video.

  17. PhantomDrawing Avatar

    Instagram is my favorite social site!

  18. Haikality Avatar

    I don't understand how people get more than 1k followers only by sharing selfies and amateurish photos, while I'm trying to create more and more hand lettering designs only got less than 80. Once someone likes my work, they only comment something like "cool!" or "great job!". I know it's very nice when ppl give you feedback and we should listen to it. But good God, I kept on begging them to follow me but nothing seems to work. It's way harder to grow on IG than on YT.

    Trust me, if you who're reading this want to share your artwork, go share them on Behance or Deviantart, unless you're a popular junkie at school.

    I'm sorry, Will. But I'm just trying to help your viewers on deciding where to share their creations. I agree with you that Behance is a really good place to do so. Btw, thanks for liking my photo on Instagram 😀

    Sorry for long comment, I don't have a potato with me

  19. Kriti Agg Avatar

    Please follow @kriti.agg on instagram for art work

  20. CN R Avatar

    Would you mind telling me what measurements and other specs you use to save your images for IG? Specially for flat designs. Too many times I've tried to put stuff done in AI but the compression artifacts caused when uploaded end up killing the design :/ Great videos btw!!!

  21. Brandon Halliburton Avatar

    So, do you use Instagram to share images from your life? I do upload my work to my Instagram account. I also upload various images not related to design.

  22. Cameryn Shirley Avatar

    I really like the advice you give! I saw on you instagram that you post a lot of your work and I have questions about copyright. I tried to research this, but haven't found much info.

    Is the work you create for instagram still owned by you once it's part of social media? Do you only post work that you do separate from clients for privacy? Can someone easily steak your work off instagram if you don't have watermarks?

  23. DINOSAWR Avatar

    I don't have Instagram.

  24. Miguel Romero Avatar

    What typeface did you use for the 'Instagram' tagline for your thumbnail?

  25. Ollie Barker Avatar

    Good video, would love to have a counter somewhere for every time you said Instagram 😉

  26. Tomáš Hejlek Avatar

    You say not to have seflies on your bussines instagram, so I checked yours guess what I found 😀 but honestly I really like your work

  27. Michael Hartman Avatar

    Can't wait to stalk everything about your life on Instagram. Good advice for those who haven't jumped on the train containing a lot of people (to promote to for free).

  28. Eric Strickland Avatar

    Good one will….hey what is your Instagram page I what to follow you?

  29. David Olivares Avatar

    hi hello Will! i started watching your videos about 3 months ago and i'd like to thank you for what you do. after 6 after graduating high school i decided to go to college for graphic design and i'm loving it but i was having issues with creativity and getting back into school work and time management. your videos have helped me understand what i don't in the classroom and have inspired some projects of mine, so thanks again.
    oh by the way, i pledged or whatever on your patreon thing.

  30. RJB Avatar

    As someone who's never had any art lessons – digital or otherwise – I'm finding all your videos super helpful! I was wondering if if I gave you an example of an artist you could maybe give me a hint as to brush settings in Illustrator that would be more like that? Getting good brush settings is something I'm really struggling with! Either way, thanks for the videos 🙂

  31. Toby Henderson Avatar

    Where can i email you to talk to you

  32. Stacey Stewart Avatar

    dude, make a slide show of your work for your mac 😉 anyone watching your videos will then see your work, might get you commissioned 🙂

  33. ThHandOfGod Avatar

    Is it just me or does this video have an Instagram Nashville kinda effect?

  34. Zak Ross Avatar

    @Will Paterson Hey Will I agree with what you say! I was following this 3D artist on Instagram @rawandrendered when he had like 300 followers. And then he started doing an everyday 3d render project that lead him to 8000 followers now. Now he purely post his works only on his instagram! And he inspired me to do the same with my instagram! I'm currently doing an everyday 3d render project too! It's @revoidtv Btw I followed you dude! Keep making great stuff!

  35. Gogogirl Avatar

    Can you please share your production of video blog? I love color scheme and smoothness, I want to learn how to make such a great picture. I do have Canon 70D and one big studio light source.

  36. Zeph Graphics Avatar

    I love what you do Will! You're the only designer on YouTube that make original tutorials and on the "business" part of the design world !

  37. Zayne Avatar

    I don't have instagram

  38. ADesign Avatar

    Great advice man!

  39. Insanity Club Avatar

    Good video once again!

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