Using Redux in Angular 4 (Angular 2+) Apps

Redux in Angular4 (Angular2+): Learn what Redux is, when to use and why, and how to implement it in an Angular 2+ app.This tutorial is part of my COMPLETE Angular course. For a LIMITED TIME, you can get this course with a BIG DISCOUNT here:

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40 responses to “Using Redux in Angular 4 (Angular 2+) Apps”

  1. pokegaiyui Avatar

    Well done on explaining!!!!

  2. Carnaru Valentin Avatar

    So happy to see exists videos with this topics! I just can wait to have time to get it! Mosh have also some payed courses witch is fantastic resources to learn, I get from him Angular 2 course.

  3. Bartosz Lenart Avatar

    great tutorial. Thx!

  4. Saravanan Nandhan Avatar

    Hi Mosh
    I am so happy with this video
    how to bind the state variable to component html

  5. Rizal Salim Avatar

    Took this course. I always love your courses. It easier to understand.
    Best of all, you always explain different solutions when dealing with problems.

    Keep it up Mosh!

  6. Max Mustermann Avatar

    What I don't understand is why we should write more complex code when we could just create our own store-service that handles app state and let other components subscribe to it?

  7. Mateo Cuervo Taylor Avatar

    Mosh I finally understood, the redux terminology is so confusing. So action === events, reducer just a pure function, store more or less like a big singletton where we store our state.

    Now it makes way more sense, even after seeing and reading so many tutorials, your explanations is clear and direct love it.

  8. Naman Gupta Avatar

    Awesome explanation 🙂

  9. KhanSlayer Avatar

    Great video. You covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Very pragmatic reasons and examples to use functional programming in the front-end.

  10. Victor Lezhnev Avatar

    Well, I think you should at least make us know that this is not full version but only a demo and we must buy full version to continue … so we not spending our time unnecessary.

  11. epiphanatic Avatar

    Just bought this course and testing (angular 4) – absolutely brilliant 🙂 Thanks Mosh!

  12. Ashish M Avatar

    Awesome. Explained in simple and crystal clear way.

  13. JavaScript Evangelist Avatar

    very well explained. Im going to do a ng4 + ngrx/store + effects video series too 🙂

  14. Steve Paul Avatar

    Great video.
    I've got to be honest, I've just completed a course on ngrx and this seems so much less verbose. Has anyone worked with both libraries? Are their any deficiencies with this library which ngrx makes up for?

  15. Mauricio Jorge Cordeiro Garrido Avatar

    I believe is not a correct way of talking about Pure functions ( 9:58 ), because doesn't exist such think, when you pass input, you are passing input with all properties and values. For instance, if you pass input, with input.count with value 0, and after pass input with input.count with value 1, is not the same argument. Because it was changed. I believe the confusion that you are transmitting (unconsciously) is the difference between variable and the object of that variable has. If you pass var count = 0 to a function, and later you pass count=1 the result will be different, and you will consider count different ( not the same ). There is an obvious solution to convert from a function with "side effects" and a function without side effects. It can be made by a simple editor. For instance, if you will change N numbers of attributes you can pass them like arguments, I mean function(p1, a1, a2, .., an), and this function will be "pure". There are another ways but looking at the return only. *I KNOW THAT IS IMPORTANT TO EXPLAIN THINGS IN THE WAY THAT ARE EASIER TO UNDERSTAND BUT IS IMPORTANT TO SAY THAT SOMETIMES THOSE EXPLANATIONS (ANALOGIES) AREN'T COMPLETE * because when you have a wrong concept in mind is really hard to get rid of it

  16. Tomáš Platzer Avatar

    Amazing video, but I'm still not convinced, that the complexity of this solution worth it.
    Yes there are some great tools for redux, but I was solving this problem on my first project with rxjs – shared service with relaySubjects or similar , which seems to me as much easier to implement with similar result.
    I'm still new in angular 2, so maybe I'm missing something and after time I will be prefer this solution

  17. Ghyath Serhal Avatar

    Hello, thank you for the video, very useful.

    I have a question please. Redux in general has a single store. I have a large application where modules will be lazy loaded. what to do in such case? Can I split my store into multiple store.

  18. Damian Stander Avatar

    Nice vid Mosh. I am already subscribed to your Angular2 udemy course and find it to be good.
    I have a question on the Pure Functions. The third example you had as impure function with the Math.random(). How would you make this pure as I need to have such a function?

  19. Danilo Del Fio Avatar

    The video is very good, but the example doesn't work…

    ORIGINAL EXCEPTION: Cannot read property 'counter' of undefined
    error_handler.js:60 TypeError: Cannot read property 'counter' of undefined
    at rootReducer (store.ts:13)…

  20. Ashish G Avatar

    very useful video mosh,is there a concept of handling error which could be generic ,where ever it finds the error it should send to the notify to the server.

  21. Critical Ado Avatar

    I know it takes time to make videos but it is not really fair to stop in there. You could show basic subscriptions to store and how to update counter variable.

  22. Ryan Lesson Avatar

    Paid full price and joined the mailing list. Thank you for saving me SO much time!

  23. Kevin Cho Avatar

    Mind blown! Bought the course and checked out the redux. At first I thought it was silly to wire all view component into single store (aka global map). Then you have these reducers that manage one or more properties to manage a global store. It all sounded silly until you've shown the redux dev tools. I wonder if you know any incredible tools like this that works with NG2. I already know about Firebase but maybe if you can show top 10 libraries that you use with NG2. Thanks again! Redux is freaking awesome.

  24. Shorty4 Avatar

    which code editor is this?

  25. abdallah Bedir Avatar

    Amazing , thanks alot 🙂

  26. El Océano Avatar

    Hi, Mosh. Your explanations are very clear. Im a big fan of code simplicity and avoiding unnecessary complexity (KISS principle, also called The Okham Razor principle :D).That is why I wonder if does it worth such complexity.

    Would't be easier to use a realtime database like Firebase for example to keep state in sync? Maybe adding layers of indirection are justified in the particular case of Facebook. but wouldnt be redux just another buzzword? I thought that one of the motivations to use React was one-way data flow, but it seems to be not enough, so you have to add Redux. Still can't find the sense of it but thanks anyway for your great videos.

  27. hbela1000 Bela Avatar

    Very clear, Thanks.What about Effects ?

  28. khanh võ Avatar

    Thank you very much

  29. khanh võ Avatar

    Thank you very much

  30. murunwas cengy Avatar

    very useful video Mosh, Can't wait to see the next video

  31. Emmanuel Avatar

    I'm thrilled to have found your channel

  32. Cesar Vega Avatar

    nice video but I need to look further in your videos, I still dont see what is the benefit of redux and the states

  33. Buri Avatar

    I finished that Redux section on Udemy right now and it's awesome. 🙂 Good job Mosh. Do you plan that will be the part of that course work with Webpack?

  34. Adrian - Avatar

    Mosh, I can't wait for you to update the course "Build Enterprise Applications with Angular 2
    "! I'm so anxious lol 😛

  35. Ben Avatar

    Notifications squad

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