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34 responses to “Using The Pen Tool For The First Time! | Creative Bar”

  1. Jorge Andrés Avatar


  2. Pen L Avatar

    Ugh everytime I'm trying to teach my gf something she did the same thing… "Shhhhh" XD

  3. Iran Ibram Avatar

    perfect, this what tutorial what i need.
    thank will paterson

  4. abdullah falah Avatar

    Hehehehehhehehehehehehhe so funny

  5. Big Sword Avatar

    This is adorable.

  6. Clinton Avatar

    There once was an ugly Twitter bird……………………

  7. Nicolas Hirajeta Avatar

    This is so great, and you guys are too cute.

  8. FreaknJoshwa Avatar

    hahahahaha you guys need drun photoshopping

  9. Kiel See Avatar

    he said "My wife" the borat way lol

  10. Justin Birchett Avatar

    "maybe he wants to be lumpy…"

  11. Cycromorpt Avatar

    Couldnt help but… both of u so cute… sorry, im just a fan of romantic stuff.

  12. Matthias Wong Avatar

    When she compared PS to picasa…………………

  13. Niko Haberkorn Avatar

    This was uber helpful

  14. ash G. Avatar

    this has to be staged

  15. ShitHead Movies Avatar

    My first size I ever pick if I design a logo or something is also 1000x1000px hehe 😀

  16. Alfie Atkinson Avatar

    is there a cheap version of illustrator that i coukld use to start off with?

  17. jus a treat Peejay Avatar

    lmao first thing she goes to is the "magic wand"…. someone has a Hitachi tutut

  18. Banana Avatar

    yay, death metal! m/

  19. Hannah Warren Avatar

    My boyfriend is the exact same way when I try to teach him basic design elements that he can implement in Powerpoint. I don't know how they put up with us. 😛

  20. ka7ana Avatar

    A lot More videos like this please! instant subscribed!

  21. Austin Crockett Avatar

    Quality content! I felt exactly this way the first time I first embarked on the pen tool

  22. abstractnova Avatar

    She's better than me now damn

  23. carlosthebombmaker Avatar

    Symbol sprayer tool next!!!

  24. FatBoy Artz Avatar


  25. Shawn D Rich Avatar

    Cute, but painful to watch. I cannot teach anyone without pulling my hair out.

  26. hellosmakaka Avatar

    this is so cute haha

  27. Shard™ Avatar

    very entertaining! keep it up!

  28. ∆rtemis Avatar

    More videos like this please!

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