Vector Sugar Skull Illustrator Tutorial

Over on my Spoon Graphics website this week I posted a showcase of Day of the Dead inspired designs and artworks, which gave me the inspiration to experiment with a sugar skull illustration of my own. In real life, these are little sweet treats that are decorated with various floral patterns and shapes, but they’ve also become a popular subject for vector designers. In today’s tutorial I’ll take you through the process of creating your own vector sugar skull illustration in Adobe Illustrator. It will be entirely created out of basic shapes, which are customised and layered up to produce intricate embellishments.

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22 responses to “Vector Sugar Skull Illustrator Tutorial”

  1. Spoon Graphics Avatar

    If you fancy this design on a t-shirt, check out my little merch store I set up:

  2. Selzophiztix Avatar

    You Sir have taught me a lot of techniques in just few minutes. Thank you!

  3. Znaydi Mohssin Avatar

    Great Tuto , where do u get ideas for designs like this , do u draw sketches ??

    Thank you

  4. hells surprise Avatar

    I'm trying to make a rounded rectangle but it's a square ahaha!!!! How mad! Any hints? I can't make the skull properly otherwise.

    Please help me!

  5. Егор Яловецкий Avatar

    Rotate tool in my illustrator cant do copies like 360/30 how to fix it?

  6. Sowmily Dutta Avatar

    where do i get the colour tones from ?

  7. Augusto Guerrante Avatar

    Hey, how did you change the background color?

  8. Dan Archer Avatar

    Awesome work… I am learning more Illustrator than aI ever thought possible. Great teachings….

  9. wsg4 Avatar

    How could we round those corners of the skull (1:57) if we are using CS6?


    you sir are simply the best at tutorials! informative, cover so many different tools that can be applied to all sorts of design processes, and you dont waffle in the slightest! thanks!

  11. Tamjid Hasan Avatar

    Hey man, I just wanted you to know , damn this is so good, learned many a lot techniques from this video, and awesome design. Very nice pacing and simple steps. Keep it up

  12. annieart Avatar

    Wow! Nice work, lovely colors

  13. Innovation Graphics Avatar

    Hi i really like your artworks . will u please provide the jpg of this skull artwork in jpg form
    Thanks from Pakistan

  14. Petra Seveckova Avatar

    Your pace and explaining is great man 🙂 thank you!

  15. Scott Corey Avatar

    lots of cool tips and shortcuts in this video

  16. demonmech Avatar

    Bloody brilliant!

  17. hells surprise Avatar

    Does it matter that your using a Mac with Adobe Illustrator? I've heard that some Macs are better for creativity than Windows?

    Ive only used Windows though Macs are far too alien for me to buy

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