Vintage Logo Tutorial In Adobe Illustrator CC

How to create a vintage logo within Adobe Illustrator CS6

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41 responses to “Vintage Logo Tutorial In Adobe Illustrator CC”

  1. Fraanko C Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us. You are the best!
    Greetings from Panama

  2. MGallear9 Avatar

    when i click on rectangle tool i only have the option for the rectangle and not the others :/

  3. Ben Newton Avatar

    Hi will great vid!:)
    Having a lil problem in finding the wisdom script text
    Do I have to download it idk?! Ty

  4. jackie oliveros Avatar

    this is so helpful for me, I'm trying to create a logo .. Thank you will! whoever you are.. 😉

  5. Jorge Alvarado Avatar

    Excellent tutorial! Thank you for taking the time to do this for everyone.
    Showing the commands as you're working makes following the tutorial so much easier. 

  6. Alina Bezerra Avatar

    Great Video! Thank you! How do i do gradient overlay in Ai in a simple step?

  7. JUSLIV39 Avatar

    Hello will, i came across your video today and i just wanted to say thank you for your advice on the rich black coloring and how to use some of the short cuts. I was just wondering where did you get the font you used, i really like it and i was wondering if i can use it for a shirt design I've been stuck on. I have my own clothing line and i was looking for a script font and when i saw your video i fell in love with it. 

  8. Nate Boyd Avatar

    Hey Will, love your videos! They are super helpful. I want to start doing logo design for churches in my area. Do things like logos, message artwork, poster designs, etc. What do you think would be the best way to get my name out there? I just started doing graphic design about a year ago so I'm not stellar yet but I want to try to start doing design for other people and get better. Thanks!

  9. NatyXXeu44 Avatar

    I love you… and all your videos too thank you =) !!!

  10. Imaginations oG Avatar

    i need help with some work can u help me ??

  11. sclarebout Avatar

    Little question: how come when I copy the logo to PS it fills the badge and text Instead of the strokes?

  12. Peter Lewis Avatar

    Hi Will, I have no problem vectorising a logo image. I can do that well and usually get good results. However, I have seen other people making the background of a logo imported into illustrator CS6 and other lower versions transparent. They have used the magic wand I think and have made the background checkered and then are able to place it onto another background of a different colour. I followed the exact steps using Ai 17.1 and it doesnt have the same function (very annoying). Surely there must be a way to do these basic tasks in this version Will :))

  13. Peter Lewis Avatar

    Hello again Will. Thanks for your reply.
    I watched that video you recommended, but I already knew that function and how to do it. What I find difficult to get decent results with is actually taking a clients jpg. logo image and converting it to vector. Sometimes it works using this function and sometimes it doesnt. But I never get  consistent results. Say if I make the background transparent using and then import the TIFF file into Ai, when I then image trace to convert to vector it makes the image fuzzy and puts the background back in as a white rectangle around the perimeter. I hope you know what I mean. Is there any help you can offer ?
    Cheers Peter

  14. Peter Lewis Avatar

    Hello thanks for the video. Is there any chance you could show us how to import an existing company logo and make the background of the logo transparent and then vector it using Adobe Illustrator 17.1. This is something I am having trouble with at the moment.  Thanks in advance. Peter.

  15. sclarebout Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial! Great help!

  16. Ramses Chen Avatar

    i appreciate your room

  17. Petcheer Avatar

    how to do font like this video ?

  18. Georgie Owen Avatar

    When I try to "Minus Front" a message comes up saying "The filter produced no results. Please select two intersecting paths."
    It's the first time I've ever used illustrator so I have no clue what this means! 
    Great video despite my lack of knowledge on this programme! 🙂

  19. MissBenefitialBeauty Avatar

    Haha You're funny. "Nope. Didn't work at all." I love your tutorials! Sooo easy to follow and understand!

  20. Nicolas Levet Avatar

    Nice vid Will, interesting exercise I could suggest to my students. Just a personal suggestion about creating a regular cut-out, I like. 1. Create a shape, increase the line stroke as desired,  2. Expand object (or expand appearance if required, as in your example because a filter has been used). Another trick to make a cut-out of two shapes is CMD+8 with two selected objects, the object in front will cut-out the object on the back.

  21. Amelia Edwards Avatar

    Stumbled upon this and there are so many handy side tips which I never knew about Illustrator. Thanks!

  22. Chomneau Men Avatar

    Hi, how to add more point in star? what is the short cut for that.

  23. MelvinDlaCruz Avatar

    Another thing I do not know if you looked, but you send a private message, in this post I'll explain what I need

    Another thing I would like you to help me, or explain to me a tutorial or you did for me and send me only file so I can use it,

  24. MelvinDlaCruz Avatar

    sorry my English is not very good, which is how I can tell ant to do this on a pc, I mean the part 1.57 in the video, I can only make a star but I can not do what you explain

  25. Will Paterson Avatar

    Would love to thank everyone for there support of this video! You guys are the BEST! 

  26. MelvinDlaCruz Avatar

    how i move o change the form in pc

  27. YankeeBoy Ent. Group Visual Content Avatar

    I would love a tutorial on looks books and presentations for clothing lines 

  28. Simon Refn Avatar

    Great tutorial 🙂 

  29. Nabil Ridhwanssah Avatar

    OMG best video ever. Great intructions and describing and you earned a suscriber. LOL 🙂

  30. Tina Vuk Avatar

    Great video! Thanks!

  31. Will Paterson Avatar

    Thank You Very Much!

    Really love these types of comments! Thanks for watching!

  32. Vincent RAHAL Avatar

    Great tutorial, You earn a french suscriber 🙂 Keep going dude !

  33. Dillon Beach Avatar

    So glad that I found you ha

  34. Pernille Rask Melsen Avatar

    The way you said "funky" haha! Nice vid, thanks

  35. Soul Clothing Avatar

    I have emailed you back.

  36. Jack Birt Avatar

    Email me sir I have a question

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