Visual Basic Tutorial – 13 – If Statement

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39 responses to “Visual Basic Tutorial – 13 – If Statement”

  1. mike maillis Avatar

    You probably don't even read these anymore, but I would just like to point out that my teacher makes 25 minute videos over these same things and I still just don't get it when he does it. Your tutorials are short and right to the point, thank you. These videos are amazing

  2. Disolsa Avatar

    your awesome, best tutorials I have seen

  3. Asky Avatar

    just here to says thanks for the videos

  4. margi curry Avatar

    why do you only use console applications?

  5. Rvin Elle Avatar

    hey how can i download visual studio is there link to it

  6. Preston Elam Avatar

    Private Sub forwardcontrol1_Click()
    If WebBrowser1.Visible = True (This part is giving me the error, it wont register as in if statment)

    WebBrowser1.Go Forward
    End Sub 

    what is wrong with that. and no, (it isnt the go Forward part that has worked forever)

  7. Mehdi Mohajeran Avatar

    Hi Sam;
    I have an excel sheet that does some calculations.  First, cell A1 needs to be initialized by a number (let’s say 1).  Now cells A2 to A5 read the value of A1 and do some calculations.  If one of cells A2 to A5 has a value between equal to 0, then value of cell A1 has reached its maximum, otherwise A1 should be increased by 1.  Upon incrementing A1, I need to check again if one of the cells A2 to A5 hold a 0 value, if yes then A1 has reached its maximum value, otherwise A1 needs to be increased again by 1, and so on.  I think this should be done by VB, but I am not sure how. Any feedback you can give me. ? thank you very much.

  8. Emile P Avatar

    I was just notified of a reply to a comment I posted on one of the videos in this series about a year ago: the question's answer is was very obvious for me, reading it now.
    At this moment, 11 months later, I'm fluent in VB.NET and C#, and know my way around Java and C++. 
    I'm only posting this comment to tell everyone out there to don't give up! I was there less than a year ago, with no programming knowledge whatsoever – now, I code whatever I want and am planning to start software engineering in uni. 
    KEEP GOING! You'll get there – and it's so much fun!

  9. Leamsi Ordnavi Avatar

    How to ignore the string comparing?!

  10. MasterMitch200 Avatar

    I like Bucky more, but Sam is good too. The reason I like Bucky more is because I watched more tutorials with Bucky in it and Bucky makes it fun to learn, but like you said, Sam is always straight on point, so I like both of them.

  11. UPSIPO Avatar

    You are explaining how if is working in programing in general. I expected to see the syntax and examples.

  12. jess raa Avatar

    thanks for that

  13. jess raa Avatar

    i studied other languages before this series and i gotta say
    he is straight on point with what hes doing and i feel confident ima make it to the end satisfied

  14. Malandrix Avatar

    This isnt bucky, this is sam.

  15.  ‬  ‬ Avatar

    It's almost the same

  16. Mizaan Shamaun Avatar


  17. TheLousyProductions Avatar

    Because the If statements do not exist BEFORE he types his password, notice that we have typed the If statements only AFTER he types his password. I'm assuming that each Line of code is read one by one in the order they are typed and not read all at once.

    For it to work the way you are saying, I guess the If statements would have to come BEFORE everything else. Try it out.

  18. JDMx607 Avatar

    Just would like to say thank you! I understand most of this stuff, but a few things were still new to me, and your videos, including this one, helped me.

  19. melek9048 Avatar

    did you read 'The Witcher' or played the game?

  20. OptiGE Avatar

    After you Write that your name is sam. Then Welcome Sam should pop up. Then AFTER that it should ask for your password… Why doesn't it work like that? Why does the Welcome Sam string wait until you have written the password to?

  21. ChrisPTY507 Avatar

    i dunno why u used end if after the "welcome sam" quote,that if statement is incomplete because you need an else to finish it,because basically is the name is not sam,the incomplete if will do nothing,just a waste of space…

  22. ChrisPTY507 Avatar

    I was born in mars……am i weird?

  23. Rahil Wazir Avatar

    after 100 tutor's

  24. Paradox Avatar

    Gerald is not equal to Sam?! SINCE WHEN?!

  25. Poofu Avatar

    is there any way to make it so if it is anything else it says something else?

  26. iPlayTehGames Avatar

    @DOVARIRAMU when your coding it you can set the password to be whatever you want. the end result is that if you type it correctly youl get a conformation, and if you dont it will close. as long as the password you type into the console matches the one you coded it will work fine 😉

  27. Evaldas Blauzdziunas Avatar

    @Yuoruddo Different language buddy

  28. TheCrookHook Avatar

    @DOVARIRAMU If you would have written sam123 and did "if password = "thenewboston" then it wouldn't have done anything because you need an "else" statement. The "else" statement is used if the condition you are veryfiing is false.

    If password = "thenewboston" then
    console.writeline("Good pass")
    console.writeline("Wrong pass")

  29. TheCrookHook Avatar

    @Yuoruddo I was also used to the double equals when comparing (in Java). In VB though, I guess it's only 1 equals to compare lol I didn't like that either XD

  30. RAMU DOVARI Avatar

    If I want to create my password is "sam123" then what is my result?

  31. Zero Yuoruddo Avatar

    Why does the single equal sign work here? Shouldn't you need a double equals?

  32. o0OMadMikeO0o Avatar

    @onlivegamer You could have writte Console.WriteLine("Welcome" & username)
    and skip the first if statement but nevermind. I guess if was the objective of the vid xD

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