Visual Basic Tutorial – 18 – Concatenate Strings

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24 responses to “Visual Basic Tutorial – 18 – Concatenate Strings”

  1. The Fear Avatar

    so useless -__-

  2. Jamie Dawson Avatar

    Your dog wanted to be apart of the video. lol

    Also, thank you for these videos. I've been following them on your website and they're really helped me with this.

  3. Thomas Clark Avatar

    What can I do with this new found knowledge?

  4. Tuna Alert GZ Avatar

    where is the difference between + and &?
    I mean, couldn't you just write
    Dim var As String = "Hello " & "World!"
    Console.WriteLine("Hello " + "world!")
    ? in my opinion this is kinda confusing…

  5. Idris Hussain Avatar

    This tutorial is a bit weird in terms of grasping understanding compared to the other tutotrials.

  6. Mr Y0UNG M0N3Y $W4G 2K13 Avatar

    i think you can also do userString += programString

    it does the same thing although it is just more efficient

  7. Nihaal Khadka Avatar

    I did this for textboxes
    TextBox2.Text &= TextBox1.Text + vbNewLine

  8. The Halo Grower Avatar

    A surrealist's way of using concatenate strings

    Nice videos man, thanks

  9. ChrisPTY507 Avatar

    Oh i see….glad you could find the solution!

  10. sophia bel Avatar

    yes ..
    it's a school project :p
    but it was so hard

  11. sophia bel Avatar

    it my code ;p
    I've found the solution
    it's a dynamic text creation …
    it was hard to find

  12. ChrisPTY507 Avatar

    what the hell is that??

  13. sophia bel Avatar

    i wanna use txt.text but i don't know how!!!
    can you help me please

  14. sophia bel Avatar

    Private Sub Form2_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 0 To Val(Form1.TextBox2.Text) – 1 Step 1
    Dim lbl As New Label
    lbl.Width = 40
    lbl.Height = 30
    lbl.Text = " R" & i
    lbl.Visible = True
    Dim txt As New TextBox
    txt.Width = 40
    txt.Height = 30
    txt.Visible = True

    End Sub

  15. sophia bel Avatar

    can you help me please

  16. Box Ghost Avatar

    hehe I'm going to make a madlib with this >:-)

  17. Rob Fallaize Avatar

    @Immutable92 because he was just using it to show all the various different examples that Concatenate Strings can be used in

  18. Vijay Nandwani Avatar

    @Immutable92 He is trying to show us all the possible ways to do it. Who knows which program in future which we make can require which method. So don't get confused and try learning all the methods. If you are still having some doubts, PM me. 🙂

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