Visual Basic Tutorial 2017

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In this video I’ll cover GUI Design, Event Handling, Data Types, Exception Handling, Casting, the MessageBox and more with Visual Basic 2015.

Visual Basic is great because it makes it very easy to create complex GUI apps that interface easily with databases and much more.

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42 responses to “Visual Basic Tutorial 2017”

  1. ChandExp Yt Avatar


  2. Dodgy Brothers Avatar

    Derek lots of comments did anyone spot the error at 5:20?

  3. enes223 - The Roblox Gamer Avatar

    Man Maybe Take Cool Intro 😛

  4. Zoleka Magengenene Avatar

    I would like a video of LDAP Single sign on

  5. Zoleka Magengenene Avatar

    Hi Derek Thank you for the video I am learning c# I am creating a website I have got the question. How do I align text on my website

  6. Gregory Serrano Avatar

    You are a lifesaver, b/c the way my professor is doing this is tedious and boring.

  7. Ben S. Avatar

    sorry for the silly question but when i double click okay on my button (looking for the first sub-routine), it takes me to a totally different screen, showing partial public class and public void in blue as opposed to Private/Pub Sub. any help anyone? seems like a silly thing to be stuck on but ive tried recreating a new project three times now with the same result. ensuring i chose Windows Forms App in the process.

  8. Kaneki Avatar

    I dont have de window application thing in the beginning

  9. roaringleo57 Avatar

    Uh you named a button >  txt? 5:30

  10. Nour El-din Ahmed Avatar

    The line of code is: Dim secondnum As Decimal = CDec(TxtDivideVal2.Text)

  11. J O C C O Avatar

    I got a 2017 version too but I can't copy his code exactly I have to research different codes to make it work. mine cant recognize the "Dim" and the way he convert the variables can someone explain please.

  12. Nour El-din Ahmed Avatar

    i have a prob with the code i guess i did exactly wot u did but when i try to enter a dec num it says string cannot change to dec however i just changed it in the first variable can i fix i did all wot i know but nothing ..

  13. Tarique Islam Avatar

    YES. You are a good teacher..not a great explainer..but that's how probably is the best way of teaching— otherwise we get distracted in getting into deeper discussions.. keep up the good work. But may be please explain a little bit about why you did what you did or a little about what is happening and what are the options or the available Objects (or metholds) available to be used in those class.

  14. Márton Kovács Avatar

    i am 12 and i want to learn this language 🙂 i want to write good programs.. 😀

  15. Abhishek Nagwanshi Avatar

    how to install make a video of it

  16. KPsixtyoneDUDE Threekc Avatar

    Aaannnnd! Love how many times you said the word and. Great tutorial kept me intrigued the entire time.

  17. Danyal Ahmed Avatar

    make a video on IGCSE computer science paper II

  18. Dewayne Curry Avatar

    This is not VB, its VB .net….

  19. Cormar Films - Cornie du Plessis Avatar

    Hi Derek. Like your style and way of presenting this excellent high quality video and sound tutorial. I would like to watch you other tutorials. How can I found them?

  20. MrAnarchy Avatar

    Thanks Derek! I hope to put more time into programming (primarily HTML, CSS, JavaScript and worthless programs in Visual Studio :P)

  21. Rajesh Lamichhane Avatar

    when i start my new project and start to run it says some file.exe is missing or says create a path what it means ??

  22. jack sheridan Avatar

    does anyone know how to make a button invisible and save it, so that when you close and open the form the button is till invisible

  23. William Arbuckle Avatar

    More of a visual Studio tut, then a VB tut for coding beginners……………….

  24. Mifune X Baka Avatar

    Nice. I learned more from you than my professor. Thanks a lot.

  25. Pro Odermonicon Avatar

    i donut have windows forms apps

  26. Sajjad Ahmadpoor Avatar

    Hey, You are Fantastic! Did you know that?!

  27. robicher Avatar

    Thanks Derek! Great tutorial! Moving forward to lesson #2

  28. Chris Koro Avatar

    This is VB.NET right, not VB6?

  29. Disolsa Avatar

    make more vs 2017 videos. you are awsome

  30. Ahmad II Avatar

    @derek banasI want to use like your end Sub but i have brackets any idea how to change please?

  31. KleytenHD Avatar

    i dont get the window with FOrm1 and stuff, it just creates the project and nothing else opens.

  32. Michael Doronio Avatar

    So good it's easy to do will.. thanks admin

  33. Rage Avatar

    I just noticed the smaller cursor onscreen, now I can't un-see it a_a

  34. Water Emblem Avatar

    Do you think I can start with this guide if I'm new to code?

  35. Kimberly Felan Avatar

    I have got to hand it to ya, been in college working on programming for MONTHS, got a D in JavaII, and I watch and follow along with this video and just did better and understood more in the last several hours than I have in all these weeks! Very nice tutorial!

  36. Lucas Wakeham Avatar

    Fantastic job, mate. 🙂 Thank you so much.

  37. Srimmbow Guy Avatar

    But I don't have any templates!!!

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