Visual Basic Tutorial – 27 – Step Operator

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11 responses to “Visual Basic Tutorial – 27 – Step Operator”

  1. Greg Polansky Avatar

    your awesome, these are great!

  2. Trevor Shelton Avatar

    Module Module1

        Sub Main()
            Console.WriteLine("What is your name?")
            Dim userName As String = Console.ReadLine
            Console.WriteLine("What is your password?")
            Dim password As String = Console.ReadLine
            If userName = userName Then
                Console.WriteLine("Welcome, " & userName & " You Have Logged In!")
            End If
            If userName = "Toon1278" Then
                Console.WriteLine("Welcome (Admin) Toon")
            End If
            If password = "trevor626" Then
                Console.WriteLine("Welcome Trevor!")
            End If
            Dim int1 As Integer
            For int1 = 1 To 5
                Console.WriteLine("Password is equal to:" & int1)
            Console.WriteLine("Welcome to a private ddoser!")
            Console.WriteLine("Write ddos or ping to use!")
            If Console.ReadLine = ("ddos") Then
            End If
        End Sub

    End Module

  3. Hassan Fareed Avatar

    yes dude its easy do this:

    console.writeline("step by 5")
    for num1 = 1 to 20 step 5
    console.writeline(num1*2) << this worked 🙂

  4. X-Modding Avatar

    whats that favorites viewer program you have on your start screen?

  5. 23Drezzy Avatar

    I'm going to guess that when you do a negative step the comparison check at the beginning is the opposite of doing a positive step because in my VB textbook it compares the iterator to see if it less than the upper boundary for positive steps. If it is less or equal, then the loop continues. Otherwise, it terminates.

  6. Achab94 Avatar

    I think you should watch out if you declared your variable as Integer. Otherwise you have to declare it as Single or, better, Double.

  7. Basura Ratnayake Avatar

    i watched most of your tutorials man. this is a great help hand. tnx man

  8. djuroue1 Avatar

    @o0OMadMikeO0o Yes you can.For next loop can not but step operation can :)))

  9. o0OMadMikeO0o Avatar

    So you can actually make it count backwards just by writting

    For Num = 20 To -5 Step -1

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