Visual Basic Tutorial – 43 – Functions

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30 responses to “Visual Basic Tutorial – 43 – Functions”

  1. Shlomo Avdiel Avatar

    Played with example. Tried to change button text after msgbox button clicked. Does not work.

  2. Kintenshin29 Galang Avatar

    omg finally hell will be finished…. thank you for your video

  3. tokyghy Avatar

    Excelent tutorial, learned functions in 5 mins!!! pretty good explanation

  4. Doug Smith Avatar

    I understand that a function has a return statement and was built to return a value. But I can use the following…
    answer = MySub(arg) + 1
    I have returned a value from a Sub and added one.
    Will Subs and Functions not do the same?

  5. Dexuh Codes Avatar

    What if my function will be taking a while how can i abort a function in a button sub?

  6. OneBigPlayLister Avatar

    5 years late but I have never had functions explained so clearly before… hallelujah.

  7. Dan Barker Avatar

    I still don't know what I'm doing, does anyone have YIM, I can chat with, so they can help me?

  8. ApollonianKing Avatar

    Learning a lot from you. There just aren't that many slow tutorials for this stuff. Thanks.

  9. For Nachos Avatar

    For those who divide numbers and the answer is in a recurring decimal (e.g. 10/3 and the answer is 3.333333333) you can use what you've learned earlier (Tutorial 21 – Formatting Strings) which will result in the answer being in two (or how much you specify) decimal places.

    To do this: in the button procedure simply write:

    MessageBox.Show(String.Format("{0:n2}", solveMath))

    That's the only line of coding you need in the button procedure.

  10. jko Avatar

    just wanna ask, what happens if you put the coding in the private sub 'solve math' into the btn runfunction? wouldnt it still work the same?

  11. Arman Rasheed Avatar

    I strongly recommend NOT skipping to Windows Form Applications Videos since in the console videos, you can learn helpful fundamentals of this Coding Language. Such as what the Primitive Data Types are, or If Elseif and else, Select Case statements, etc.

  12. Kenneth Diaz Avatar

    this is like learning  chinese for me

  13. Colin Stodd Avatar

    Why is it that my Forms1 (Editor) create two private Sub areas? They don't come out looking like yours Sam? Is there a setting I have on or off? It makes things a bit confusing when following along….

  14. Colin Stodd Avatar

    Its like a float. An integer is: 1 a Double is: 1.23232323

  15. Tulanir1 Avatar

    Haven't you even watched the previous tutorials? -_-

  16. zelda66661 howard Avatar

    Thanks, good stuff as usual 🙂

  17. Jay B Avatar

    I believed it's pronounced boo-lee-uhn.. not boo-leen.

  18. Kaioken20XGokuHD Avatar

    What's the difference between a Sub and a function
    But you said a Sub doesn't return values like a function

    But isn't calling a sub(which calculates something) to another sub like returning values aka passing on a sub to a sub like a function to a sub?

    LIKE this question if you AGREE and if you're thinking about this!

  19. tag Knife Avatar

    cant you just do
    return num1 / num2 as double = answer

    that would work right?

  20. Harsha A Avatar

    Is there any command in VB 2008 to on or off that supporting texts shown while typing….like supporting text as in msg box shown in this video??

  21. Comunidad GLLA Avatar

    how do you make a function that is asynchronous? Im doing a function that freezes the application until the function is done. So i want it to be done async.

  22. adijo123 Avatar

    This is good stuff.

  23. Ricardo Freitas Avatar

    Sam, i can't find a tutorial about rnd function! It would be tasty if you had one =P

  24. rjohn5854 Avatar

    Damn… seriously i sat 2 months in class and didn't understand VB.Net functions…. sat watching this video for 5:27 and understand functions…. another drop out coming you're way Bill Gates 🙂

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