Visual Basic Tutorial – 50 – Global Variables

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21 responses to “Visual Basic Tutorial – 50 – Global Variables”

  1. Raymond Canete Avatar

    Why do you need to convert int to string when you are trying to output it. please answer me..

  2. Nomcebo Makhosazane Avatar

    This was so helpful ,i wanted this ,thank you ,there we go VBNET

  3. Asky Avatar

    150 to go!!! I can do this

  4. Filip G Avatar

    This is exactly what I want to know, but sadly I'm using C#. Is it the same concept for C#?

  5. For Nachos Avatar

    150 to go, wonder if i'll make it.

  6. Idris Hussain Avatar

    When you reach 1.07 and you right click on it to view code on fourm 1 beneath solution explorer, that bit is confusing. The reason its confusing is due to the fact that when I tried finding fourm 1 it was not visible. I suppose its because I got the free visual basic version and you're (thenewboston – sam) using the paid version of visual basic.

  7. pb695 Avatar

    what can be the problem if my cursor always at busy/waiting mode whenever i run the program.. it doesnt affect the program but it wont change back to default.. i even use code to change it but it still remain as busy cursor.

  8. robert mccully Avatar

    This is not in this video but i came here searching for an answer. I have looked thru books,videos,msdn,stack and so on. (int)   as used in a variable .. What does int stand for when not used as an integer. I think it mean use stored variable? Or short for initializes. I am learn VB13 but i keep getting hung up on these prefixes . I can not find a source that i can look up theses prefixes. Pulling my hair out!!!

  9. Craig Wilson Avatar

    4:28 …. 'This may be a little confusing to you … but, that's fine'   LOL, love it Sam, thank you for these vids … helping a LOT 😀

  10. PISTOL PETE Avatar

    dude clear ur nose once in a while bro

  11. SHRESTH GUPTA Avatar

    I m downloading all the 200 videos its an honour to Learn from u and thnk u Sam for uploading all the videos for free others take money for full tutorials of vb but u gave it to the world for free…. Great work man great work

  12. SHRESTH GUPTA Avatar

    Sir it's an honour to learn from you and yes I m too happy to complete one-fourth of the lesson yippeeeee!!!!

  13. Leamsi Ordnavi Avatar

    I use this to make my mouse leave working 😀 Thanks

  14. Extremegerbil Avatar

    I hate Windows Forms. In my AS class we are only using consoleapplication, does Sam go back to consoleapplication?

  15. Mitchell Folbe Avatar

    I put titles to the messageboxes so I can reference them, but the titles don't fit. How do I enlarge the size of the messagebox?

  16. 1Pr0digy Avatar

    i can't declare private and public variables

  17. Alpha AH Avatar

    YES!! Finished quarter of the tutorial!!
    150 to go…

  18. Ronan O'Sullivan Avatar

    really helpful thanks !!

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