Visual Basic Tutorial 6

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In this part of my Visual Basic tutorial I’ll cover most of the topics I missed before. We’ll cover MenuStrip, ToolStrip, Many Properties, Undo, Copy, Cut, Paste, SelectAll and a bunch of other topics.

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34 responses to “Visual Basic Tutorial 6”

  1. Paulo Vitor Suriani Avatar

    Hey Derek! I watched all your classes on VS in a couple of days annnd, guest what? I,ve made my own small business simple windows forms program in a few hours. Thanks, bro!
    I was kind of rusty since my last contact with programming was with java + eclipse in a couple of years ago and I'm happy to see how languages are evolving, Microsoft did a great job with VS.

    shout out from brazil! Peace out

  2. Dodgy Brothers Avatar

    Any chance of some sample code for the progress bar at the bottom of the form (footer?). I added one to a project I did ages ago but could never work out how to make it progress from the start of a file it was processing to the end.

  3. Daelendil Avatar

    Random comment so you get better ratings.

  4. EngravingConcepts1 Avatar

    Terrific videos. Couldn't find the icons on the MS site "no longer available."

  5. subhajit majumder Avatar

    hay what about database connection ??? i need that to

  6. lala lala Avatar

    Derek, do you have any tutorials in building an intrusion detetction system?

  7. Victor Rodriguez Avatar

    Hello Derek, are u planning to make new videos of VB.NET using databases to do crud operations?.

    See ya,

  8. John Faulds Avatar

    Ive downloaded visual studio 2017 but when starting a new project there is no windows form app for me to choose, do you have to download the template?

  9. Sihina Anuhas Avatar

    Please Please add more video Derek 🙂 Thank for your all shared knowledge

  10. Hello ITS ME Avatar

    Hello Derek I have seen many of your videos and I have to say that you have a great channel, Are there only 6 visual basic tutorial?, Thank you for answering.

  11. Kyle Bennett Avatar

    Gold. Do you have any plans to move into VBA tutorials? I know that means there's essentially a family of videos but its seems like you are building quite the library so why not?

  12. Disciplined Coding Avatar

    Derek, I watch all your videos, thank you for your dedication and for sharing them with us! 🙂

  13. Professional Cipher Avatar

    Sirrrr need help !!!! You r the most fav youtuber for me….which project i shld choose in information technology … i have to develop a project…pls sir help..

  14. Teeqeze Avatar

    Do you have any plans to cover Deep Learning?

  15. Ádám Hegedűs Avatar

    You seriously need to put the topic keywords in the title.

  16. MrAce Avatar

    How can you know all these languages. For how long have you been programming

  17. Masoud Rousta Avatar

    I'm in love with your tutorials

  18. Fdsafdsafdsaf Fdsafdsafdsaf Avatar

    Can you make tutorial on the tools you used to make videos on youtube?

  19. Anita Jain Avatar

    Hey Derek
    Can you please please please make some tutorials on Data Structures
    Specially linked list and trees.
    Please Please please……….

  20. Mike Ulrich Avatar

    I tinkled in my pants a little bit when you mentioned a big C# tutorial is coming soon! Thank you for all you do Derek!

  21. janez novak Avatar

    Great one again, hope this is not the last one :-(, thank you

  22. Jeff Merlin Avatar

    Looking forward to the C# tutorial! Thanks for all the great videos Derek!

  23. toalopez Avatar

    Where are the C# tutorials to make a game?

  24. Jay Converse Avatar

    Aww, rats, I misread the title as VB6 Tutorial, I was looking forward to it.

  25. Sayed Mohamed Avatar

    First. many many thanks for all the effort and info you gave from all tutorials . second please keep continuing the VB series cos it seems you goanna stop now 🙁

  26. Franci Šacer Avatar

    I'm triggered for seeing checking for true or false in an if statement at 5:07 🙁

  27. Angelina Jolie Avatar

    Hi Derek ! Awesome Tutorial ! Have you seen this IDE and Online Terminals?
    I Thought I'd Share: https+:+//+www+.+tutorialspoint+.+com+/+codingground+.+htm

  28. marh122 Avatar

    Why do you have two cursors 🙁

  29. EYM Avatar

    Lets deprecate all VB developers 😛

  30. BobEckert56 Avatar

    Your opening Hello should be patented for friendliness.

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