Visual Basic Tutorial – 82 – More On ArrayLists Part 3

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9 responses to “Visual Basic Tutorial – 82 – More On ArrayLists Part 3”

  1. blueinspiration1 Avatar

    BinarySearch works if insted of "Private Index…." use under btn_Click "Dim index as integer" Then it works under VS2010

  2. Skytaa Avatar

    If you kindly send it my mail, I will be more happy:( ) Really I'm your best fan. please send me that's code as soon as possible because I'm a lot of anxious for it. Thanks

  3. Skytaa Avatar

    Hi Sir, hope you are well. I've one warm request you. How can I write code for row wise and column wise array? And How can I call any data from txt document in debug to make translator by Imports System.IO command with dynamic array or what ever else I don't know. I mean I can make dictionary one word for one but I need to know how will I arrange one sentence form above way to text box on "text changed" event and it will translate on text box2 automatically. Please, please and please help me.

  4. David Germaney Avatar

    VS2010, Windows 7, and, like the others, indexof works but binary search doesn't

  5. Leamsi Ordnavi Avatar

    There is some issues in this tutorial

  6. Leamsi Ordnavi Avatar

    BinarySearch Not working in Visual Studio 2012 Windows 8

  7. sw174 Avatar

    Thank you, brother.

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