Visual Studio Training – Enabling DevOps Practices – Part 7

Enabling DevOps Practices with Visual Studio Online Build

1 | Overview of Visual Studio Online
Learn about the history of TFS and Visual Studio online and improvements which have been made in this new build system, including cross-platform build capabilities.

2 | Build Fundamentals and Continuous Integration (CI)
Learn the core of the latest build system. Use the sample application to walk through the fundamental aspects, including connecting to source code repositories.

3 | Working with Build Agents
Understand what’s going on under the hood with build pools containing hosted (or your own) build controllers. See how to create your own pool, and add Windows and Linux-based virtual machines.

4 | Automated Testing
See how to easily enable a large array of automated tests of various types, including unit, integration, load tests, and even SonarQube, to help analyze technical debt.

5 | Continuous Deployment
See how to setup a continuous deployment pipeline to Microsoft Azure using Visual Studio Online build.
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