Watercolor Effect Photoshop Tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial covers how to create a watercolor effect in Photoshop. It’s actually very simple. Free downloadable Photoshop brushes.

Download Brushes Here:

Please share your thoughts and rate. So I have an idea for my next Photoshop tutorial.

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36 responses to “Watercolor Effect Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Priya P Avatar

    What is foreground and background image in Photoshop

  2. Bradley Williams Avatar

    I would really appreciate commentary. I like working and watching at the same time. That way i can pause rewind and edit while learning how to do new stuff. I have wanted to learn this effect for the longest time but cant seem to find a video with commentary, zooming in on what you click, or captions.

  3. palash sharma Avatar

    I have a doubt regarding the brushes that once I have downloaded the brushes , how can I use them in the photoshop which I am using, Is there any particular place where I have to install the brushes , so that I can use them. Please help!

  4. ExplosionArtist Avatar

    Hey what spacing would you recommend for the water colour brushes?

  5. QUÍMICA NERD Avatar

    Que efeito Phoda ^^

  6. Hamad Asif Avatar

    helped me a lot Thank you
    may you succeed

  7. maximalcrazymusic Avatar

    you have any tuturial for swap face??

  8. Baba Jei Avatar

    With wix you can….

  9. Minus Gaming Avatar

    i cant download it

  10. .NetSam Avatar

    What image is being used?

  11. Epic Avatar

    i got problem at 3.00 where when i use brush it colors the outside of the picture

  12. Codingmaster Avatar

    nope ! it took 0.2 sec to like XD 🙂

  13. John Oliver Blanco Avatar

    I don't have the brush like yours, and I'm using CC 2014, so I just play with my design. like of course its mine.. but thanks to the vid

  14. Bartros Avatar

    Is file for 2,50 any higher resolution than youtube?

  15. Bartros Avatar

    I can not get that. At 2:20 your color is set to black, but on pic it appears white? What is the trick? I see your are using layers etc, but i am still confused. What is what etc. Also, when you start making mask, it is blank, but somehow picture appears there?

  16. AriaVDiLaurentis Avatar


  17. john trinidad Avatar

    im using pshop cs6… and i donthave vibrance.. why?

  18. Abinash Kumar Avatar

    helpfull video…. learnt a lot of things

  19. Caner Selçuk Avatar

    hey Photoshop tutorial ! i just want to more and more beautiful manipulations. you doing it perfectly 🙂

  20. Missy Bara Avatar

    Sorry for the novice question but which version of photoshop are you using here?

  21. Franz Navarro Buisa Avatar

    I cannot apply filters. Please help. Theres something wrong i think.

  22. Moon Avatar

    Can I add these brushes as Custom brushes?
    'cause I don't have these types of brushes in Photoshop CS5.

  23. Germbox Avatar

    I think you missed one step, you forgot to bring the texture above all layers and set it to multiply, so that it will look like it is painted in a canvass. Just sayin Sir/Ma'am… By the way, nice tutorials! Thanks! 🙂

  24. Sandipan Biswas Avatar

    plz tell me the brush name….so i can download

  25. jay raisinghani Avatar

    when i click on the given link which you have given in discription for downloading free brushes, it redirects me to a page which says download this tutorial for 2.50$. brushes aren't free

  26. AFTABBY Avatar

    Absolutely amazing tutorial, so easy to follow.

  27. Vera-Chan 2604 Avatar

    I don t have a filter gallery , what should i do to get it? thanks, aweome vid

  28. Le Bon Avatar

    Fantastic! Music please? 🙂

  29. Archey Avatar

    Где такие кисти скачать?

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