Wave 2 Progress 02 | New AI Test

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11 responses to “Wave 2 Progress 02 | New AI Test”

  1. RealTutsGML Avatar

    They will help you with game design and structure of a game but the code would not work for an android device no 🙁

  2. MrRevoltRed Avatar

    Will these tutorials you're making help me make android games?

  3. hug man Avatar

    looks really gd, cant wait to see it finished with more sounds and stuff like that

  4. Twurl Avatar

    Ooh, sounds awesome. 🙂

  5. RealTutsGML Avatar

    yes, I have a Java Development Series I am working on. I will be uploading a ton more of those videos over the course of this week.

  6. MrZakkq Avatar

    Nice man do you have a tutorial with some ai stuff or could you please make a tutorial with it?-

  7. RealTutsGML Avatar

    Thanks, what I didn't show in this video was the full customization perks that are fully working and a level system that is working 100% I will upload another video later on with that stuff.

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