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Click the link below to get setup with your New Website!
Click to watch this video and learn how to create a website with wordpress, a powerful free website builder. You’ll learn how to create your own website without the need of a web designer or an expensive web design company. It’s that easy to make a website!

WordPress is fantastic for website design because it comes with thousands of free website templates, allowing you to make your own website look and feel exactly as you want it too. There are so many themes to choose from in addition to free plug-ins and widgets, giving you the power to create the best websites and become your own webmaster.

So before I show you how to make a website we need to set up a domain name or website name. While free websites are easy to make, you still need to register them and the best option for this is Hostgator. They provide an outstanding service are and very affordable. For less than $10 a month, you can subscribe to the baby plan and have unlimited web sites and total confidence that they are safe and secure. They also provide 24/7 phone customer support. They know everything about wordpress and you’ll always find them very helpful. I have been using Hostgater for more than 5 years and they really are brilliant.

To go to Hostgators homepage, click on the link below the video: and I’ll show you how to build a website in under 3 minutes and just how easy it is creating a website with wordpress. Choose the baby plan and fill-in the domain name for your website. If it’s unavailable, you will need to choose another name. Continue to step two and submit your payment details and process the order.

Once your registration is approved you’ll receive an email from Hostgater with all the details you need to make a free website using wordpress. Click on the link next to your control panel and enter the username and password as provided in the email. This is where we go to access a program call Fantastico Deluxe and install wordpress.

You’ll see a lot of icons on the control panel, don’t be overwhelmed with these, they are just some of the web development tools available. We just need Fantastico Deluxe, which is located under software/services towards the bottom of the screen. It’s a smiley icon and easy to spot. Click on Fantastico Deluxe and under blogs on the left hand column there is wordpress. Click wordpress and select new installation. Enter some log-in details and take note of these because this is what you will need to enter your website. Then install wordpress, click finish installation and then you’ll be provided with a link. Click the link and enter the username and password you just selected and you’ll be looking at your website.

You can now see the wordpress dashboard where you can edit and build a website. Just to finish up this video, I’m going to show you one of the major benefits of this website creator and what sets it apart from other website makers. WordPress has thousands of free web templates called themes that you can use to customize your web page design and allow you to create websites that reflect the purpose of your site.

If you go to appearance and themes on the dashboard and select install themes, you can search for templates for your website. You can browse certain categories or carry out specific searches. These themes are being added to all the time, so there are so many options for building a website. Once you find a theme you like, simply select install and it’s done, it’s that easy. You can totally change the look of your website through a single click; very powerful.

So there you have it, a quick introduction to what I believe is the best website builder. Now you know the basics of how to design a website using wordpress you can see how easy website development is and you don’t have to worry about hiring costly web designers or a web developer. If you want to set up an ecommerce website, or make a website for free information sharing, blogging or anything else you can think of, wordpress is ideal. You don’t need to worry about expensive web design software; instead you can create a free website with powerful customization options.

I encourage you to visit my site www.3minutewebsite.com to access a heap of free resources that show you everything you need to know about wordpress. There are more than 75 bite-sized videos covering all the information you need to make your own website for free and how to use themes, widgets and plugins. Through these short videos, I’ll walk you through making a website from start to finish, making it simple to create a website from scratch with no prior experience.

I hope you enjoyed my web page design tutorial and you’re more than welcome to leave comments or ask any questions. I hope to see you over at www.3minutewebsite.com soon!






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