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In my web services tutorial I will cover generating JSON and XML. We’ll then walk through examples in which we use REST, SOAP and RPC (Remote Procedure Calls). We’ll pull data from databases and if you haven’t seen them I have videos on PHP, MySQL and using PHP with MySQL.

Here I’ll focus on how JSON is structured and demonstrate how to pull data from MySQL and then generate and decode JSON using PHP.


22 responses to “Web Services Tutorial”

  1. Simoy Den Avatar

    Derek I feel so inspired when I watch your videos! You remove all the drudgery and cryptic language from programming/development and just get to the heart of the matter. Watching you everything looks so simple and do-able… that's the way I want to make development for my students. Thank you for that.

  2. Leonard Pera Avatar

    hei Derek, if I have like 0 experience in web development how long it will take to develope a RESTful api for a website? I hope you will see my message.
    Thanks for sharing with us so much knowledge, you are the best on youtube.
    Kind regards,

  3. Gustavo Gomez Avatar

    Great Voice with Great information.

  4. groovebird812 Avatar

    what is the resaon for having a student class? you have a student and a student_db class. whats the difference?

  5. EpicMiner_ Avatar

    Do a general API tutorial, please.

  6. Deepak Vadithala Avatar

    Hi Derek – Thank you for amazing tutorials. I learn so much from your content. I have a quick question. What software/tools do you use for recording?

  7. mkautoaccesorios Avatar

    wow!! man thank you so much!! You make it seems to be easy, best regards from El Salvador

  8. Andreea Zamfir Avatar

    Hi Derek 🙂 . Love your vids . I've been scouring the internet for a tutorial with an Oracle database that communicates (through web services) with an Android app. However I've only found for SQLServer. Help !!!

  9. Dimitrije Nanusevski Avatar

    Do you have tutorial example of a php page that requests that json to be delivered, like a curl php page or similar ?

  10. Bernard Rouhi Avatar

    okay, so why MySQL and not MongoDB!? isn't it MongoDB more flexible and easier to use?

  11. Ana Souza Avatar

    Derek, need help!

    Trying to understand this code:

    $(document).ready(function () {
    // Send an AJAX request
    .done(function (data) {
    // On success, 'data' contains a list of products.
    $.each(data, function (key, item) {
    // Add a list item for the product.
    $('<li>', { text: formatItem(item) }).appendTo($('#products'));
    $(document).ready parses a function as parameter, right? This one executes the code below:

    .done(function (data)

    .done is another function that is understandable BUT I didn't get the order: what executes first? $.getJSON(uri) or .done?
    One are condition to another? Could you indicate me a video to clarify this type of structure?

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Miguel Sedek Avatar

    i need something exactly like this but with SQL server, any ideas?

  13. Wp Avada Avatar

    I am sorry, the way you talk is really annoying. I am not sure if anyone has told you but speak normal, its better.

  14. Giulio Vinci Avatar

    now this is not just only a lesson… it's a lesson perfectly presented. I'm very impressed.

  15. Tendi Arifin Avatar

    thyx for the great tutorial but .. can i see tutorial json-rpc but sending messages? ty

  16. Poohbie Avatar

    I'm looking into the MEAN Stack. Would I need to to look into the other Web Services SOAP/REST and XML/RPC or would I be alright simply with the JSON Web Service?

  17. Harry Radford Avatar

    Around 12:46 were you saying that any new entries/updates in the database will be queried automatically (if they are under the primary keys identified). If so, is this what you would use to keep two front-ends that are both connected to the same Web Service in sync. Thanks.

  18. Lizardo Co Avatar

    thanks for the tutorial i think my brain is going to explode XD

  19. Jonecir Souza Avatar

    Hi Derek, your tutorials are really great! I was searching for SOAP tutorials and came across this NuSOAP library. However, I also learned from other posts that NuSOAP is quite out of date.

    So could please let me know another lib I can replace by NuSOAP?

    Thanks a lot.

  20. Muhammad Farooqi Avatar

    hei.. how dare you to be so easy! 🙂

  21. Aman Abdullayev Avatar

    Is it possible to sync data from amazon to prestashop? What I need to do, help please 😀

    Videos are best!

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