What is a Backlink? – 2016

This backlink tutorial explains what are backlinks and why backlinks are important. Also explains the type of backlinks and where to use them

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6 responses to “What is a Backlink? – 2016”

  1. Carl Broadbent Avatar

    How good is SOCIAL MONKEE for growing backlinks and will they be good ones? Or can you recommend a good SEO person to use.

  2. Modest Phillips Avatar

    very great video easily expalins everything thank you

  3. Craig Botes Avatar

    dude – so to be clear. (I'm brand new to this) I need to get a "do follow" backlink FROM another website, which I then put in to my website. If people click on it, I get PR. ??

  4. Tech By Prateek Avatar

    SIR PLEASEEEE MAKE a video on that..

  5. Tech By Prateek Avatar

    Darrel Sir Please make a video on how to make a rate comparision website and how to add links to the buy now button to the e commerce website

  6. Nathaniel Morales Avatar

    is there a certain way to write a backlink ?can it just be your website url ?

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