What is Object-oriented Programming? (JavaScript Tutorial)

Let’s learn the very basics of Object-oriented Programming with JavaScript. We begin talking about objects at ~5:38. Link to my new “Git a Developer Job” course:

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25 responses to “What is Object-oriented Programming? (JavaScript Tutorial)”

  1. Joan Clarke Avatar

    Great tutorial! Very clear.

  2. Nicolas Kao Avatar

    Thanks man, I've been looking for someone who could explain these concepts in a simple and efficient manner, your content is extremely helpful.

  3. ryan vo Avatar

    wow this really made JS make sense!!

  4. Tjeu Foolen Avatar

    You sir, are a legend

  5. Ricky Anthony Avatar

    This is one of the clearest ways I've had OOP explained to me. You really seem to understand how a newbie would perceive things and when to introduce new concepts. Thank you.

  6. raphael gako Avatar

    Yo bro!! If you teach a fetus to code like this he/she will be the best coder in the planet man! U the best! Next topic bro is closure. Please badly need it

  7. Mimi Chui Avatar

    I feel so lucky that I found your channel. Your explanation on this topic so clear and easy to understand. Thank you so much!

  8. Technical adi Avatar

    Hii sir first of all I love your youtube videos .I want to know that sir why JavaScript has different syntax in different platform. Codeacademy has different syntax for JavaScript they use console.log () instead of html tags but my book and other apps use html like syntax instead of console.log ().

  9. Mark Cunningham Avatar

    Who are the people who gave the Thumbs Down… WHY!! At least explain your reasons..? This Youtuber happens to be the best at Teaching JS I have ever found, and I have seen so many others !! 🙂

  10. Mark Cunningham Avatar

    Your Teaching Style borders on Genius.. I've never seen such a smooth learning curve, in any other Tutorials.. The Question of why even bother using a certain Programming method is answered in glorious depth in your Teaching style.. Thank you for treating us like intelligent people and not children..
    Most OO Tutorials start with the 'Imagine a car, and its wheels, and its colour..' as if we don't understand simple concepts .. When I see a Tutorial like that I just browse away from it.. As you know it is just an example of how amazing the Teacher thinks he/she is, and how, Not Intelligent Beings, we are.. I Love your Videos and I Purchased your course on Udemy because of the Trust I have in you to Teach me 🙂

  11. priyank padlia Avatar

    Hi, If I want to run these examples, can you please tell how to setup the softwares and where to run the code.

  12. myles Allen Avatar

    Thank you, your teaching is phenomenal. .

  13. Sushmit Sagar Gaur Avatar

    at 8:25 u said it would be better to keep constructor code in separate file which we will learn in next lesson but i couldn't find that video on your channel. can u please mention that video here which shows how to separate that Person constructor code from the rest of the code.

    btw great job, very well explained best tutorial on OOP in Javascript.
    Thank you.

  14. Deepak Bhagat Avatar

    One of the best tutorial on Js Objects, stay tuned & stay blessed..

  15. Chon Hee Cho Avatar

    You are the best teacher that I have met before!

  16. tobi olawoyin Avatar

    please what is link to your course on udemy, i understood object oriented Programming you are the best…

  17. Katia Alamir Avatar

    This is really really good. It was easy to follow and made a lot of sense. I needed to know this quickly and painlessely.

  18. bunny boy Avatar

    u made me comment

  19. nicolae marius Avatar

    My new favorite video of JS.

  20. Sharky P Avatar

    can you please make content like this for everything? I rather watch this than to learn from my bootcamp

  21. Matthew Park Avatar

    I would love to take your course if you offer more advanced js courses. I don't know how I ended up here (LOL) but I just love the way you present the material & explain things as simply as possible.

    I can see how your video/courses would be immensely valuable to people who are just starting & knowing what I know now, I would have paid several hundred dollars to attend your courses, not $29.00 five years ago.

    I really feel that other instructors should just watch your video so that they can learn how to do instruction video right. sigh…

    For other people thinking about taking his courses, this is what I wish to say.

    IMHO, Brad is by far the best online instructor at Udemy, Treehouse, Lynda, or anywhere else.

  22. EpicKingdom_ Avatar

    Better at teaching than my teachers at college.

  23. Ad Rienks Avatar

    Hello Brad! This is a good course, but I am stuck already right at the beginning. How do you create the "travel-site" tree, in the first place? Is there a package, an installer involved?
    I try it on the Cloud 9 IDE with a Node.js project; is that possible?
    Forgive me my newbie questions!

  24. harmonicator Avatar

    super awesome helpful Brad, thanks!

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