What is SEO & Why is it SUPER Important?!

In this video, I will tell you what is SEO and how it works. But more importantly, explain why it is crucial to do SEO for your website & business.

If you are not doing SEO for your website, then you are missing out on the best customer you can ever get. The customer that is looking FOR you! You don’t have to persuade them to get your product, service or read your blog – cause they already want to.

Old advertising methods are NOT working as well as they did 20 years ago. And it’s time to change. Those who don’t adapt will soon feel the consequences.

This video will explain that in detail!

Cheers, Hogan.


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On this channel, my mission is not just to teach you how to make a website/blog but to really inspire you to chase your dreams. A lot of the times, we let the fear of the unknown hold us back from starting anything. My job is to show you that it is possible and hopefully be a piece of a bigger puzzle that helps you achieve your goals and dreams. Believe in yourself and never, ever give up! Hogan Chua 🙂







13 responses to “What is SEO & Why is it SUPER Important?!”

  1. HBF Huskies Best friend Avatar

    hogan which seo plugin do you thinks best for themify ultra

  2. J.R. Young Avatar

    Thanks again, friend! This video sparked a crash course and about 75 hrs of tutorials…hehe.BUT I'm so glad I took your advice! What's your thoughts on Google AdWords? Keyword research? Backlinks? SEO is kinda spooky! Borderline AI IMHO. All the best! J.R.

  3. Argjend  Sadiku Avatar

    Hey hogan i have a question. On yoast seo i got a red light because i didn't had enough words. I have enough words but he does not get them all. http://www.darmklachten-pds.com is my domain. Can u help me?

  4. Sougan Mandi Avatar

    I belive this type of video is very use full for new blogger..

  5. Sougan Mandi Avatar

    Can you make another video like how to do seo,how get more traffice,affiliate,how to put add in ultra theme,way to make money online..how much take time to get rich good traffic ..

  6. Carsten Göke Avatar

    Hey Hogan, very interesting video. Is there any difference in terms of SEO if i post the text via Themify Builder or it´s better to post it directly under "Edit Page" ? Thanks very much for your help. Greetz, Carlos

  7. Courseplanner Avatar

    Thanks for important information. Can you please show us how to add e.g. meta tags to WP. And other tips to improve the SEO result.
    Thank you

  8. Herbal Bounty Avatar

    Hogan, you talked about the importance of SEO. Are you going to make a tutorial on it too?

  9. Global Network Avatar

    Thank you for Sharing Hogan 🙂

  10. dpraniuk Avatar

    Hogan, thank you for your video how to create a Drag and Drop WordPress Website. Very, very professional website, saved me thousands of $$$$. Can you also go over and teach how to add and configure a SEO plugin into that particular website? Thanks

  11. Juan Jose Jaimes Lopez Avatar

    I tried to post this comment on the other video but its show as an error anyways Hogan Chua , perfect video, great website, its look you really put a lot of effort into it, dont stop making videos. A quick question for you or anyone im trying to use a translate plug in for english and spanish, but i cannot translate the parts that are in the theme builder , only the parts that are outside but my pages all are in them builders, and right now i cannot afford to oay for the wpml plugin, are there any others to translate inside the theme builder? any help will be grateful.

  12. Hogan Chua Avatar

    Hey guys! If you have any questions about SEO or your thoughts of SEO in the future, please leave them down below and I'll get back to you ASAP.

    Cheers, Hogan.

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