What The COLOUR Of Your Logo Says About Your Business

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31 responses to “What The COLOUR Of Your Logo Says About Your Business”

  1. Luis Garcia Avatar

    I'm colorblind but I want to be a graphic designer. I don't know if I could

  2. weeniebutt23 Avatar

    I think though that certain shades of green/blue/etc have different meanings. A true blue color would be bold, strong, and dependable while a lighter blue would be more carefree, relaxed, and calm. Same thing with other colors like red. A true red has attributes similar to blue like bold and strong but with a more secrecy and leadership feel to it while a more purpler red is lovely and delicate.

    Blue, Celadon, Green, Yellow, Periwinkle, Turquoise, Chartreuse, Springgreen, Pink, Hot Pink, Orange, Olive, Jade, Cream, Gold, OD green, Magenta, Purple, Violet, Peach, Papaya Whip, ETC, all have different meaning in my opinion and you can't class them all into just groups of their base color such as Red, Green, Blue, ETC.

  3. Tyranitoons Avatar

    I felt like my brain expanded with this video thanks 😀

  4. SEspider Avatar

    Very true.
    I designed a quick and simple logo for ASV School Portraits™ last year (a new company) and I used the color Orange. It was a very rushed design so it's going to be updated for Fall 2017. But because it was rushed, I needed to make sure it felt happy and fun. Orange simply screams "FUN!". I just happened to add a then blue stroke to the logo to help it stand out against the website's white background. Without thinking about it, I added blue trim to the website as well.

  5. william esposito Avatar

    Will, actually we spell the word 'colour' correct, Americans don't know how to write, especially Noah Webster, who disseminated the idea of dropping the 'u'.

  6. lynnepearce Avatar

    CNN and BBC are also red. Red and white in combination have the most authority and is/are the easiest Colour for the eye to 'see'. That's according to research.

  7. Sean Edgington Avatar

    +Will Paterson, your videos are awesome. I just watched a couple other videos explaining colors and had to leave within a minute each because they were so bad. Thank you for taking the time to put out quality and informative content!

  8. mariana a. Avatar

    You're so nice to watch!

  9. Craig Ostertag Avatar

    Will, another great video!

  10. rick procure Avatar

    pretty helpful thanks. im trying to create a logo for my board game company and this helped

  11. DawnsAngau Avatar

    Clinique cosmetics has "happy day" where employees dress with orange. Fun fact.

  12. Tianni Myers Avatar

    most well know purple logo…taco bell. you also forgot brown.

  13. Naveed Anjum Avatar

    Hay Will thanks for great info But dont you think color meaning and its impacts also changes based on Field/industry and Culture. Would you like to talk about this on your next video. Also if you can make a video for fresh designers who dont know any thing about any color. Its anatomy and how to use it. Because most of the time they just choose color based on their own choice and if they being ask the reason of choosing these color their have no proper ans for that. Please make a video how to choose color based its brand voice, personality, culture its goal, its theme etc…. Also sorry for my broken language.

  14. GlexTV Avatar

    hey guys sorry if this is inappropriate, but what do you think of my logo?
    What can I improve?
    I'd like to hear a little feedback and since this is a channel of a logo designer I thought it could fit.

  15. Jonathan Perucho Avatar

    Quality video and content, Will! It feels nice to be reminded why we choose a certain colour for our design work. Feeling "Red" right now xD

  16. OxygenLess Avatar

    My banner is orange, but my profile has red/purple. Does having complimentary colors like red/orange have a specific feel to it?

  17. Ackerman Avatar

    Another great video Will

  18. Call Me Cxrter Avatar

    That's actually really cool to know. Nice video man, I can see you put a lot of work into it

  19. magnetik Avatar

    It seems like you struggle to talk with that accent ha, otherwise great info.

  20. Burak Tosun Avatar

    Thanks! This was really helpful

  21. TOZFU Avatar

    Nice video, you forgot to mention red also makes target audiences hungry (McDonald's, KFC etc )

  22. JustMarshall Avatar

    To mirror what the lad below me said. i'm a red/green colourblind artist & graphic designer and I really struggle to break away from falling into just using black and white. Can you maybe have a talk about what people like me can do ?

  23. Yaron Rosen Avatar

    cool! great video dude 🙂

  24. ThaGoofyRider Avatar

    of course he couldn't resist to put the Kellog's logo in there again 😉

  25. Matthew Dudda Avatar

    what if someone is colorblind?

  26. kapoue Avatar

    Amazing video!

  27. blipdesign Avatar

    you're videos are so helpful 🙂

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